Noah’s Ark is alive and well and needed in New York!

I’m just like the next person, I don’t mind a little rain here or there. However, today in the city it has been anything but there…it’s been all here! I’m not talking about a little sprinkle, it’s been a grab the hammer and build an ark type of continual downpour, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Today’s foul weather made me think…I have four dogs. I think the rules of an ark are I’m only allowed to bring on two of each type of animal. Hmmm, that’s messed up. I realize that I couldn’t decide if I had to, to choose between my four babies, which two would go on the boat ride with me. Part of the problem is they all think they are the #1 dog of the Aston pack.  Maybe I don’t help that by secretly whispering into each of their furry ears that they are the #1 doggie.

I love it when they are together like this. Such a good little pack. Maybe that is an added benefit of these cold rainy New York days, they want to stay together! You know what? Forget the ark, I’m staying at home inside with a warm fire, a cup of hot coffee and all four of my canine kids Let me ask you friends, have you hugged your doggie today?


Ava   xox

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