Why did I write the song “We The People”

Here are the most common questions I get asked:   Are you single?  Do you really have 4 dogs? and Why do you put cottage cheese on your baked potato? The answers are No, Yes and because its yummy! The next most common question I get asked these days is, What inspired you to write the song, “We The People” ?

Allow me to explain:

Well, before I get into the details of how the sausage is made, let me first say that I believe whatever your political beliefs are, one thing is for sure; the most important thing about being an American is our Freedom & Liberty. Everyone no matter what your religion, race, political background, etc… we are ALL blessed with the FREEDOM to be what we want to be, what we choose to be, whether it be success or failure. In America you can become anything you choose to be, specifically because of our Freedoms.

So starting in 2009 I watched with great sadness as our magnificent country started to move in a direction that was shocking and something that is so far away from what our founding fathers laid out for us, that it frightened me.

Freedom & Liberty are on the line, every day another piece of our freedom is being stolen from us whether you realize it or not, it is happening and happening now. I have up until very recently chosen to keep my music strictly about the music, and not disclose my political beliefs. However in these troubling days I can not be silent anymore.

I am a singer and songwriter, what I do is write about things that happen to me, happen to people around me and what also inspires me or how I feel. As an American I have strong feelings about what is going on, and so I had to write about them.

So, all of the magic with this song happened while I still needed to have a pay-the-bills job.  One night I was working as a bartender/cater/waiter during Fashion Week in NYC. The event was being held in a high-end clothing store and the evening was dragging by slowly when suddenly a chord and certain lyrics popped into my head. I grabbed a cocktail napkin and I started writing them down so I wouldn’t forget them. I knew it was something special… by the time I got home the first verse and chorus were done. By the following day the song was finished.

The song was not written about the right or the left, it was written about right and wrong.  What so many people don’t understand is that everyone; Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, whatever… is in jeopardy of losing their Freedom to be Individuals. If we as Americans do not stand up now, we may very well lose our Republic. So I ending up writing the entire song encouraging all Americans to stand up and speak out.

Benjamin Franklin said we will be a Republic as long as we can keep it…

My question is: Will we?

Blessings ~

Ava xox

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