My Own Reality

Sometimes I think I belong in my own reality series. Not just to get fame like those Kardashian girls, but because sometimes even I have to just sit back and laugh at myself and my own life.

This photo of me was snapped paparazzi style on a recent trip to the mall. You can see from the photo, just going to mall can be an event to alert the media. My family and friends have learned to call each little adventure in my life an episode. Sometimes I can star in an episode all by myself or sometimes I have special guest stars like my Sweetie, or my mom or one of my sisters, my Dad (when he is here from Greece), one of the four dogs, Mr. Bricks…anyone really who comes into contact with me is subject to having unexplained shenanigans happening right in front of their eyes.

These episodes are nothing that is planned or scripted and usually there isn’t a camera around for miles, which is too bad because I’ve been told my muckery would play well in prime time.  If I believed in past lives which, but because of my faithI don’t, I would assume that I must have been a court jester in a previous life and this is just all bad karma coming back at me in my face.

As I have mentioned before I am technologically challenged. So many episodes involve things that get plugged in like a computer.

Now fortunately I do have a Mac Pro Book, because that helps cut down on some of the muckery that would surely ensue if I was using a PC, but even then I have been often told to step away from the keyboard!

There are also daily episodes with the cell phone and that tiny little machine I put in my ear to talk on my cell phone. They call it a blue tooth….yet, I put it in my ear. Hmmm, can’t figure why that is yet. Surely when it was being designed by rocket scientists they knew what part of the body it was going into, so why isn’t it called a blue ear?  I highly doubt that during the research and development phase someone came up with the bright idea that it would work better clipped onto the outside of the ear instead of clipping it to the tongue or inside the mouth…..I‘m just sayin’ they had to know!

I could go on for hours writing about some of the episodes I have experienced but I think I should find a TV producer and become a star of my own television series instead. What do you think?

Have a blessed day my friends!



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