What do I gotta say?

What do I gotta say? Yah, that’s the name of the song I wrote for this video ( I hope you enjoy it) but it’s also happens to be the name of today’s blog.

So what do I gotta say today is how absolutely blessed I am. I praise God each and every morning for watching over me and for him allowing me to do something like act and make music for a living. In the grand scheme of life, I have it pretty darn good.

I feel very fortunate that I get to do this for a living,  so I try to find ways to give back at every turn. I do a great deal of charity work with animals and seniors.  I’m also very active with several charities, but the one way I really want to give back is to eventually go on a USO Tour and show the troops how much it personally means to me that they do what they do. It would be my pleasure to travel anywhere in the world to sing for them and let them know how much the are appreciated.

I am proud that one of my latest videos is a tribute to the fallen soldiers we have lost. I couldn’t imagine the sacrifices a family must make to have one of their parents go away from their family, let alone when that good deed ends up them giving the ultimate sacrifice of their life for our freedom. That’s important stuff. Makes my eyes tear up just thinking about it. Here is a song for them

So at the end of a day when I am asked what do I gotta say?I gotta say, Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be who I am and to be able to do what I do.


Ava   xoxo

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