The Wizard of Oz is alive and well selling Cars!

One of my favorite movies of all time is the Wizard of Oz. There’s just something magical to me about that movie. In fact one of the very first songs I learned to sing was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I somehow think it is a good thing there is not a YouTube moment of that because well lets just say I was more cute, than I was good.

So do you remember the dude who was behind the curtain, making it appear to  Dorothy and her mismatched friends that he had some magic powers? I often wonder what happened to him.

Well today folks I am pleased to announce I found him and I wasn’t even looking for him. Let me explain what happened. It all started as I began to look at getting a new car. The whole process of even going car shopping makes me wanna put on a soft helmet and pull the strap tight before my head explodes.  Now, I’m a girl who loves her shopping, but seriously…looking for a new car is as much of a shopping experience as going to McDonald’s is going out to lunch. Lets not and say we did. I’m just sayin’ But my Sweetie says I’ve gotta get a new car, so its follow the yellow brick road….off to the car lots we go….ho hum I’m so excited. Not.

One of the first issues of business today was trying to determine how much dealers will offer me for the car I am trading in. The muckery started at the very first dealership as we pull up into to the lot. A gaggle of salesmen circle us like a shark circling its prey in the ocean. I didn’t know if I should get out of the car or throw them some chub. When I did get out of the car I quickly realized my Sweetie was absolutely invisible to these guys as they all gathered around my side of the car. Either it had been a very long dry spell since they had seen a girl, or they thought I was easy pickings. I secretly think it was both.

When I asked how much would they give me for my car it was like I was the Wicked Witch of the West and speaking a foreign language. No one answered me. So I repeated myself and asked how much would they offer for my car as a trade in on a new car. One salesman who I could only imagine his name being Pinhead, spoke up. “Tell us which car you want and then we will tell you how much we will give you for your car.”

So, apparently I had just found the Wizard of Oz. This dealership must have some short little bald guy behind a magic curtain pulling all of the strings. It takes a lot for me to lose my cool….but these flying monkeys were tempting my fate. When I tried to reason with them and told them that I wasn’t going to begin to pick out a car until I knew exactly how much they would give me as a trade-in one of the munchkins clicked their ruby-red slippers and my once invisible Sweetie suddenly became visible to their eyes. They turned to him and asked him to help them out and to try to get me to be reasonable.

Oh, we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto, I see how this works. They don’t like dealing with the Blonde rocker chick after all…. maybe she wasn’t an easy catch like they thought, so let’s try her invisible friend. “Sorry guys, you have to give her an offer on the trade-in before she will look at your cars. “…YES!!! Little Blonde Girl and Invisble Guy 1, Gaggle of  Slimy Car Salesmen 0. We left and went elsewhere as we decided we needed to keep looking.

The car that really caught my eye?  It’s the Chevy Camaro that was the star in the 2007 “Transformers” movie.

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1 Response to The Wizard of Oz is alive and well selling Cars!

  1. Steve says:

    Bumble Bee is my dream car! The last three times I traded in, I went to CarMax and got a written offer. It gets me several hundred dollars a pop before we start to haggle.

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