The Password was Pookie!

Hey, it’s Punkin back by popular demand. I re-hacked the computer and wow did she make it hard for me…NOT! Ava changed the password from my name to Pookie’s name.

OK, it’s almost 4:00 am and our Doggie Mom Ava is sound asleep so we need to be super quiet. Don’t tell her, but we’re going to break open her stashed bottles of Smart Water and Zone bars and have our very own Yappy Hour.

We are also in the early planning stages of busting out of this popcorn stand! (Pop Corn stand, ha ha I love it, I read some rapper in Rolling Bones Magazine say that, I thought it was pretty fly.)

Ok, you might be wondering why we want to get outta here.  I tried to tell you how bad it was in my last post, but many of you left comments in support of Mommie Dearest saying she wasn’t so bad to me — oh yah?? Then check this out:


See what I mean? Embarrassing, right? Mom went way to far with this one. She calls it her Martha Stewart moment, being creative and all. I do remember when she took this photo….Itty-Bitty was seconds away from peeing all over the floor…can’t you just see it in his eyes? He’s got that “WhutchyoutalkingboutWillis” look! It was pretty funny.

Seriously Dude, if this photo gets out were going to be laughing-stock at the Doggie Day Care. We will lose all of our pawpularity with the other dogs fur-ever.

So we need a diversion…hey, maybe on Howloween we can put on disguises and sneak right past her. She is pretty blonde, ya know. Or maybe we can sneak out some morning when she is drinking her Dunkin Donuts coffee, ’cause that stuff makes her brain all mushy. Yah, you should see her especially when she eats some of that Ghirardelli Chocolate and drinks coffee at the same time. Houston, we have a problem….strap on the helmet, the brain has left the building!!

Oh, if anyone out there in blog land is keeping score, my last blog was 10x more popular than anyone Ms. Thing has written. Coincidence? I think not. So maybe I will just hijack the entire blog, for reals.

Wow all of sudden after a few dozen zone bars and a couple of bottles of Smart Water, I’m not feeling so hot. I think I’ll go join the others for a long nap and sleep it off.

It’s been nice and its been real, but it hasn’t been real nice — just kidding

So, this is Punkin signing off —

ruff ruff

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2 Responses to The Password was Pookie!

  1. Dave says:

    Hahahahaha!!! So funny!!! U go Punkin!!

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