My Amazing Race

I called up my manager Mr. Bricks and said that I wanted to go on the next season of The Amazing Race. His response was, “Oh Ava, I don’t think I would ever be able to finish it, I would not want to let you down.” For a million dollars, I’d whip his butt into shape and he’d be finishing every leg of that race, that’s for sure!

I am an athlete, I’m a super strong competitor and I’m Greek. Which translated means other players would have to look out for this blonde girl.  Mr. Bricks on the other hand is not an athlete, is built like SpongeBob SquarePants and he doesn’t understand Greek humor at all. Which translated means total muckery.

I am sure it would truly be an amazing race going around the world with Mr. Bricks, I am just not sure that it would be a race that would be amazing in a good way. And I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I’m not touching his backpack. Know what I’m sayin’?

On The Amazing Race 17  I am rooting for the doctors, Kat and Nat. They have come in first place the last two weeks, and I think they are an incredibly strong team and will be all season. They once said that their strategy for the amazing race is that no matter what, never ever give up. I can relate to that as I share a similar motto in my life and career. I can only imagine what Mr. Bricks’ strategy would be –“never ever stop for donuts during the race.” I’ll be honest, I am not sure if Mr. Bricks could pass up a pastery shop. I think his DNA is wired for cream puffs, maple bars and anything with sprinkles on top.

I do like most of the teams this year, however I wasn’t too impressed with the a cappella boys, Jonathan and Connor. Despite the fact that both are Princeton University graduates they seem a little geeky to me. They are also not my favorite team because they remind me of a bad episode of Glee and I’m not very fond of that show. Glee’s characters aren’t good role models for high school students. I get totally disgusted that the television networks have a great opportunity to portray positive role models and they usually don’t. No wonder the young kids of todays are so messed up. It’s all Glee’s fault.

A great deal of the success on Amazing Race for the teams can be had by keeping calm and logically thinking things out. That is why I expect Nat and Kat to go all of the way and win Amazing Race 17. As doctors, they need to think methodically about what they do every time before they work on their patients. Another important aspect of their job is to act quickly because human lives are at stake. However, not so much for the job description for those two Home Shopping Television chicks, Brook and Claire. Their job description is just to talk crap all day long…annoying.

I do admire the teams when it is a family team, like a parent and a child racing together. What an incredibly great bonding experience for them it must be to travel the world together. However I’ll ixnay on that bonding experience with my parents. I love them dearly, I just know it would never work trying to race around the world with them. Besides, the show is called the Amazing Race , not the “Amazing Homicide.”

Having the right partner is a critical component of winning. The more I think about it, the more I would rather go with my Sweetie, than Mr. Bricks. I do believe Mr. Bricks, would be the one obstacle that would keep me from winning. So I’m sorry to tell you Mr. Bricks, but you have been eliminated from the Amazing Race.

Ever wonder where the actual losers go once they have been eliminated? Instead of calling it Loserville, they have an uplifting name for it called the Elimination Station. Here is a sneak peek inside the Elimination Station.  Click here

Have a great week, Blessings!

Ava  xox

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3 Responses to My Amazing Race

  1. Dave says:

    Hahaha!!Funny stuff

  2. Suchmaschine says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

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