Things that make you go hmm

Have you ever had a moment where you see something that is just so bizarre and so out there that it makes you stop breathing for a second? No, me neither. But there are times when I walk by something and then think to myself — Wait a minute, did I just see what I think I thought I just saw? Most of the time I keep walking because I don’t want to embarrass myself by turning around for a second peak. With it being so close to Halloween I thought I would blog today about things that make you go hmm.

Like Reptile Man.


Enigma Man.

Because I live just 10 minutes outside New York City I go there frequently for auditions (and shopping) and I have had my share of personal “What The Heck” was that moments. Most recently it involved a taxi cab driver and festish stockings…that’s all I’m sayin’.  That is of course right after shaking hands with the man with 3 thumbs.  No I am not kidding and that is a blog for another day.  Just know this, shaking that hand did make me freeze.

Sometimes those bizarre moments also happen online. From time to time someone will send me an email with an enticing subject line like OMG! Have you see this?— Well, I don’t know about  you my fellow bloggers, but when I see that I just can’t ignore it. I always have to open it to see what the fuss is all about. Note: I’m Blonde, I’m Greek and I’m a tad gullible, but I also have a great Virus checker on my computer (and I use a Mac),  so no worries my techie friends.

Nowadays with the internet and with Photoshop it sometimes makes it hard to believe what you are actually seeing because so many things are digitally enhanced. Take for instance the viral video that is all of the rage this week called The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler.

First let me say, I do not need to promote this video any further because in about 10 days this video has had an amazing 3.1 million views on YouTube alone. The story has been a media sensation and has been featured on every major news outlet around the world.

It is interesting to note that the term “Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler”  now has more Google searches than “Lindsay Lohan Arrested”, “Charlie Sheen In Domestic Violence Dispute” and “The Most Boring World Series” combined.

From the get go, when a friend emailed me the video and I watched it I thought something was fishy. First off, this dude from Belfast, Ireland who made this “discovery” just so happens to be a film maker who also just happens to have a new film coming out. Coincidence, I think not.

You can even see it in the screen shot of this original YouTube video he posted and then he takes a close up shot with the video cam of a movie one sheet (poster) for the movie, “Battle of the Bone” that he just made. After that he chats about all of his upcoming movies that will be coming out soon. Then, in true Shamwow fashion, there is a chyron graphic overlay with the website URL for the film festival this guy runs.

Maybe some people are buying into it, but not this Greek girl. I think it’s a good old fashion publicity stunt from an Irish bloke to promote his fledgling Yellow Fever production company. I won’t be a bit surprised if it turns out that he digitally enhanced the mysterious time traveller into the clip and that it doesn’t even exists in the Chaplin movie at all. My sources tell me that the film, Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus is in the public domain. If that is the case then the Steven Spielberg wannabe can do whatever he wants with it.

I know it is not polite to stare, but sometimes a human oddity or an unexplained circumstance can be like a car crash on the Long Island Expressway, you don’t wanna look, but you do it anyway.

I know if I was having lunch at McDonald’s with my manager Mr. Bricks as he  downed yet another McRib  (Don’t worry, I won’t touch either one of them. Mr. Bricks or the McRib) and a lady had a nose in the shape of a pig or the guy in this photo walked in

how in the world am I supposed to not stare? The Dude has a Mini-Me with a receeding hairline growing out of the top of his head.

Thank goodness it wouldn’t of been me eating a McRib because at that moment if a dude like this wax figure walked in I honestly think there would have been some serious tossing of my cookies going on…  I’m just sayin’.

Well, now that I have given you sufficient things to ponder for the day, my job here in the blogosphere is complete for the day.

Have a happy and safe Halloween tomorrow…and don’t believe everything you see!!


Ava xox

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6 Responses to Things that make you go hmm

  1. T.M. Schroeder says:

    Took me about 10mins to debunk the “time traveler”! The footage is actually original and not enhance. What the person is holding is actually a small celluloid ear trumpet. They are about the size of todays cellphones. If this guy did any research at all he would have figured it out. So I agree with you that he was trying to just plug his movie.

    Here’s the link to the object I’m talking about.

  2. wiltu says:

    Hi Ava, Yeah that time traveler could be photoshop, or she could have a hearing horn. My brother thinks its a black board eraser and that she is a person that talks to herself, You can clearly see she is talking to it, but the man in front doesn’t turn around to check her out. If this guy did monkey around with the video and put it in himself and its not on other DVDs someone will expose it as a fraud. Maybe get the movie and check for ourselfs, if it shows up on other DVDs, and if it does, then we have a mystery. Just a thought…..

  3. wiltu says:

    Hi again Ava, Time Traveler on cell phone in Charlie Chaplin Film.,
    I found this picture of a 1928 style Hearing aid. The first battery powered hearing aid was made in 1885. This model was around in Charlie Chaplin’s time. I wanted to post it here but can’t figure out how to post it on this blog page, So I posted it on my facebook page. Ava your on my facebook page. Check it out, Leave a comment Please………

    P.S. Me thinks its a hearing aid……

  4. Please tell me honestly that photo shop or real, You have never/ever known someone that was actually looking to do a “PIG NOSE”!!!!!!!! Hey To everyday turn,turn,turn.!!!

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