Show me the Money

Ok everyone, it seems my manager Mr. Bricks has finally flipped his lid.

For those who follow my daily blog know I love joking about my manager because my so-called life  is nothing but muckery and kind of boring. Soooo,  I goof on my manager Mr. Bricks from time to time…ok, alright I goof on him everyday. Today he sent me the following text:

I Read your blog this morning. Should I add comedienne to your resume?

I think he was mad because I made a joke yesterday about his age. I can’t help it if he is older than dirt! And any cracks I make about his expanding waist line is because I don’t want him going out like “Mama” Cass Elliot by choking on a ham sandwich. He really needs to adapt to a healthier life style or I will get “The Biggest Loser’s” Jilliann Michaels to throw him into lockdown until he changes his eating habits.

I am surprised at how many questions I get about Mr. Bricks from people reading my blog.  I was recently creeped out by some lady who asked if he was single. Apparently she wanted to go out with him. Yep, that made me vomit a little in my mouth just thinking of it. Look, I don’t want to think of Mr. Bricks like that (you know, going on a date and junk like that) because well, he just seems like a guy who is best left in the salt mines managing my career.

Others have asked me, “So what EXACTLY does Mr. Bricks do for you? Does he walk your dogs and pick up your dry cleaning?” That’s a great idea, I will have him get right on that! No, he is not a personal assistant. And I’m no diva, so I can walk my own dogs and pick up my own dry cleaning, thank you very much.

So what exactly does he do? Well that I can talk about!  Like most people who have chosen a career in entertainment, I quickly learned  I need the help of other people.  I am still the big Greek boss, but I  can not do everything by myself.  So, its not because I want to seem important, (because I know in God’s eyes I am not more important than anyone else)  but I do have others to help me with my career, because I need the help.

I have talent agents that help me get commercials, TV shows and movie roles.  Each agent has several hundred clients. So with a personal manager like Mr. Bricks, he helps me oversee what the various agents are submitting me for by making suggestions and helping to set up meetings. He helps keeps me fresh in the mind of the agents because they are so busy and have so many clients.

I also have booking agents for singing at corporate gigs, fairs, rallies, concerts, etc. Again a booking agent has hundreds of clients and Mr. Bricks works in tandem with them to make sure I am a priority to them.

One thing Mr. Bricks is also helping me get is a record deal. That’s the golden ring I am reaching for! Until then, you can see me selling my cd’s out of the trunk of my car on the off ramps of the Palisades  Parkway. I’m kidding of course…but a record deal is a pivotal part of my career plan. Singing is my passion and it is hard as an independant recording artist without a label deal. Note: You can download my music here at at iTunes or order at my website

Mr. Bricks is planing things five plus years into the future for me. He  has the business mentality that many of us performers do not have. So as much as I joke about him — it is very nice to finally have someone helping me with my career.

Some people are put off when they inquire about booking me when I tell them they need to speak to my manager. All they think he is going to do is say no. And that’s not true. The reality is that Mr. Bricks keeps my calendar and knows my availability much more than I do.  It is much easier to have all bookings and offers from all of the different agents go through one centralized office. And since I am not at home that often, it only makes sense that I enlisted the service of a manager to help me.

“Does Mr. Bricks really only eat Big Macs and McRibs?” Sadly this is kinda true.  He says it is his jet set lifestyle, and that he doesn’t have time to sit down and eat a more healthier meal. So when you read my blog and I am bagging on him for eating unhealthy it’s because I care about the little fat man, and I want him to get healthy! Hey Mr. Bricks, I have a busy life style and you don’t see me wolfing down Micky D’s (Carmel sundaes excluded – and only in moderation)  just sayin’

I guess for the best illustration of what Mr. Bricks does for me is to watch Tom Cruise in Jerry Maquire.

Although Jerry Maguire was a sports manager Mr. Bricks is a talent manager. What Jerry Maguire did for his clients is what Mr. Bricks does for me (with out dropping the F-Bomb every other word)  In the movie, Jerry Maguire started off as a typical agent. Most agents at the top of their game are willing to do or say about anything they can to get the biggest possible contracts for their clients, plus a nice commission for themself. But not Mr. Bricks.

He is more like the hard working true-to-himself at all costs type of manager Jerry McGuire became later in the movie.  I do not think I would want a cut throat agent as a part of my team.  That is what I really like about Mr. Bricks. He is agressive, yet firm, polite and fair. He doesn’t get frazzled when I scream to him, “Show me the money Mr. Bricks!”

So I may act like I think he is a total over-weight buffoon with one wandering eye. But in my honest opinion he is a true genius with a very kind soul, with one wandering eye.

And that is why he had me at “hello!”




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4 Responses to Show me the Money

  1. Dave says:

    Hahahaha!! Thats a funny movie

  2. Bob Bishop says:

    Here is one I can actually comment with some relevance. Entertainers such as yourself are the hub on which the wheel turns. Mr Bricks helps keep the wheel turning and that requires a lot of extra nourishment.

    These are great.

  3. ldsrr91 says:

    Having learned this long ago, I will gladly share it with you. Those in the seat of power, the movers and the shakers amongst us, have the power at their fingertips to “keep your name on the top of the pile, or they can move you to the bottom.”

    In other words, don’t mess with the cook. You keep teasing a dog, even your dog, it will eventually bite you. Good luck on your record deal …..


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