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It seems like you can’t turn on TV without seeing a new series promoting the newest deadliest something! Deadliest Catch, Deadliest Roads, Deadliest Reptiles, Deadliest Foods (anything Mr. Bricks eats/cooks), Deadliest Animals, Deadliest Criminals, Deadliest Doughnuts, Deadliest Car Crashes, Deadliest Natural Disasters and Deadliest Warriors to name a few.

So I have decided to write the Deadliest Blog….Ok, you are saying, what is so deadly about writing a blog. I am going to attempt to write this without a cup of coffee and a supply of Zone Bars in front of me. Additionally, I am going to try to write this without the use of a dictionary. And to make this a little more dangerous or deadly, I’m turning off the spell check on my Mac. Without all these crutches it might just kill me off before I get this written.

I know, it’s like I’m going out on a ledge. But guess what? That’s how I roll. I’m not stopping there. Nope, this Greek girl wants to show just how fearless she is. I am going to write and post this blog without having a visual aide. That means today there is no picture, no video or no clip art to help me get my point across. That’s pretty deadly I tell you.

In school my English teachers always told me that a picture is worth a thousand words. I have felt that many times when I placed a picture or video at the top of my blog it allowed me to get my point across without too much trouble. That way if the rest of the blog was total muckery, at least you got to see a pretty picture or was able to watch a fun video.

The reason this is also so deadly is because my Greek little head might explode because it is so nerve-racking not having the coffee and Zone Bar support therapy I usually enjoy while I am writing. Not today. It was just me, my Mac and the soft helmet strapped tightly to my head.

Not sure about any other bloggers, but this is not easy for me. Yes, I love to write (a blog, a new song or in my diary/journal) but I do not think I am particularly the best at it. Which sucks because I am so competitive at everything I do. I always want to be the best.

When I have a free moment I check out other people’s blogs and I wanna beat myself up because there are some really good blogs out there both on and I have read some that are actually very clever. I have also read some that are obviously written by a brainiac. I am neither particularly clever nor a brainiac. I’m just a simple blonde Greek girl, remember? I guess you can say, I’m not the sharpest stone in the Acropolis. (Hello, is this thing on? tap-tap, can anyone hear me? Hello, this is my “A” material I’m using.)

Finding the time to write this blog is another huge problem for me.  Sometimes I just kind of want to take a day off because I’m travelling, doing a show or filming. However I have found it extremely rewarding to make the committment to myself and to those who faithfully read my daily muckery to try to come up with something new each day.

I would like to think there are people in this world who feel like a day without hearing about Ava’s muckery is like a day without sunshine. And if there are, that is a pretty deadly thought – just sayin’




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3 Responses to Deadliest Blog

  1. goldengma says:

    Thank you for the sunshine!

  2. bobbishop says:

    You might deny being the sharpest stone, but you are without a doubt the most well rounded.

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