Packing For A Road Trip

As I was packing the car to head to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving, I noticed two of my neighbors were also packing their cars and appearing to be heading out-of-town for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. It should be no surprise because we are heading into the busiest travel days of the year. With all of the muckery and groping the TSA is doing at the airports, I am surprised anyone wants to fly anymore.

Even though I’m not leaving for a couple of days, I still need to start packing now so when the time comes I can just scoop up the four dogs and be on our merry way.

I do not consider myself a high maintenance girl, but when it comes to road trips, well just then maybe it actually does take a little more to maintain my sense of happiness than other people.

I know many of you think I must travel with one suitcase of just my sneakers. The truth is I usually only take three or four pairs with me when I travel, not an entire suitcase full. However, when I go to my Mom’s I can get by with only packing two pairs because I still have a pair of old sneakers there in the closet of my old bedroom. They are there with my cheerleading pom-poms and other sentimental things I don’t want to part with just yet. Don’t worry I am nowhere near as bad as being able to star in my own episode of Hoarders. I promise.

I also have a set list of grocery and must have things that I need to purchase before heading out.

They include:

A 5 lb bag of raw almonds (Actually I always have almonds in my glove box)

And I must always be chewing gum:

10 packs of Wrigly’s Extra Dessert Delights Sugar Free gum (Strawberry Shortcake or Key Lime Pie)


10 packs of Orbit White Bubblemint Sugar Free gum

Coffee (always have to have plenty of hot liquids)

Several Chocolate Fudge Graham Zone Perfect Bars

Several Chocolate Peanut Butter Zone Perfect Bars

Multiple bottles of VitaminWater Zero -Grape flavor, thank you

And also because my Mom never has this on hand: A bottle of the Coffee-Mate Fat-Free Hazel Nut Creamer. You don’t want this Greek girl to wake up without this to put in her morning cup of coffee – just sayin’

In addition to everything I might need, I must make sure the dogs have all of their crap which includes multiple dog toys, leashes, collars, scarves, kibble, balnkets and dog beds for all four dogs.

Of course along the way there are several bathroom breaks for the dogs (and for me – it’s all of that hot liquid and Vitamin Water  I drink.) If I do stop to eat at anyplace, maybe I will go to a Wendy’s and get a baked potato and a side salad.

I don’t take any magazines or books to physically read because that would make me car sick. I do take along my iPod and a few audio books to listen to. It’s funny because as I pack, everything must go into the exact same spot in the car every time. That way I just can glance at an empty hole and realize that something is missing. It may take me an hour to decide what is actually missing, but I won’t leave until the missing item is retrieved and the hole in the packed car is filled.

Well, time to get back to doing laundry and packing the car.

Have a great day!




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4 Responses to Packing For A Road Trip

  1. bobbishop says:

    If there is a Stuckeys on your route, take a “Zone” time out and have a Pecan Log Roll, or two. MMMMMMMMMMM. You will be a changed girl. Pick one up for Mr. Bricks too.
    Be careful and have a nice trip.

  2. tiallarising says:

    Wow…that’s awesome. I love your list!! Definitely need that chocolate. 🙂 Have fun on your trip!

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