Batteries Not Included

Growing up, I use to always laugh when I would see a package that had a disclaimer on it that read, “Batteries Not Included.” I would think, why is it such a big deal about not having any batteries in the box that they have to print that on the packaging?  But then I grew up and started living on my own.

I came back on Friday from doing some Black Friday shopping and I could hear my dogs barking when I pulled up to the house. It appears that a smoke detector battery in the bedroom was going off because it needed a new battery. Hmmm, you would think that Princess Punkin was so smart, that she could have just changed the battery herself. But that didn’t happen. Lazy butt Peekingese!

So I quickly ran down to the store to get some new AAA batteries — the only problem is that the smoke detector doesn’t take AAA batteries they take 9V batteries. What was I thinking? I even took out the battery to stop the alarm and so the dogs would quit barking. But I guess I did not look at what type of battery I took out.

So off I went back to the store for trip # 2 to exchange batteries. While I was at it, I just got some extra 9V’s and decided to change all of the smoke detector batteries. I had a total of six to replace. I also stopped by Target for any last-minute Black Friday sales since I was out and about and within a 75 mile radius of a Target!!

After hauling out the ladder and replacing the all of the batteries I decided to sit down to enjoy some hot liquid in the form of a nice cup of cocoa and relax by catching up on some past episodes of “Days of Our Lives” I have recorded, but not yet watched! When I went to use the remote the TV did not come on. Houston we have a problem. What else could go wrong I thought? click – click -click , nope, nothing. nadda. zip. zilch.

Hoping it was just the remote, I actually stood up and decided to turn on the TV the old school way by pushing the on button on the TV set itself, instead of by remote. Presto – instant picture. So I am not a rocket scientist, but now I realized the remote probably just needed new batteries!  So I cracked open the back of the  remote and saw that it needs four AAA batteries. Yep, the exact same size of batteries I just took back to the store less than an hour ago!! Grrrr, my Greek temper was really being tested.

So I loaded up the dogs and headed back to the store for battery shopping trip #3. I decided to buy one of those ginormous packages of AAA batteries, just so I wouldn’t be caught without them again. I think I got like 100 batteries for $39.00 – sounds reasonable to me. Oh, since I was out and about I decided to stop by Kohl’s one last time on Black Friday —  thought you would want to know!

So later last night I decided to boot up the computer to get this blog written before heading off to bed. It’s been a long holiday weekend and I thought perhaps I would write about the great time I had visiting my Mom for Thanksgiving… but I couldn’t even get that far. You’re not going to believe this but my Logitech wireless mouse that I use for my Mac was dead. The batteries in it were dead.

I think there must have been some weird vortex field over my house while I was gone that zapped the life out of anything using  a battery.

So I cracked open the back of the mouse and saw that it only takes two batteries. Thank goodness I bought the economy size earlier! – See the Greek mind does work from time to time!!  The celebratory mood was very short-lived when I tried putting the AAA batteries in the mouse,  I quickly realized the wireless mouse takes AA batteries, not AAA.

I AM NOT running back to the store for battery shopping trip #4. Not tonight anyway. I don’t want to show the clerk just how blonde I really am. I will do it tomorrow and tonight I will just use the touch pad on the computer instead of the external mouse.

Soooooo – needless to say, whenever I now see the words on a package “Batteries Not Included” the one thing that comes to mind is maybe it should even be more specific and read:  “Ava, 2 AA Batteries Not Included!” Just sayin’




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10 Responses to Batteries Not Included

  1. ldsrr91 says:

    I always like it when I need “two batteries” but I have to purchase “four.” Or when you need “four” and they make you purchase “ten.” In order to get even with my children, at Christmas I always buy my grandchildren toys that “require batteries” and of course, make a LOT OF NOISE …


  2. Addy says:

    Serioulsy Ava, what an adventure that must’ve been! I guess the constant trips to the store must have left your “batteries drained”! Hope you recharged them!!!

    Best Wishes,

  3. tiallarising says:

    Wow, don’t you hate it when just about everything seems to go wrong in one day?? I *loved* your post, and I can so relate with the blonde thing. Nice job! Oh, and I guess you figured it out by now, but I really like your blog, so I’m gonna follow it from now on. 🙂

  4. davehitt29 says:

    Changing batteries in smoke detectors makes Fireman Dave Happy 🙂

  5. As a parent of boys, I keep a box of assorted batteries at all times. =) I just wish it were easier to recycle them.

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