Life’s Slippery Slopes

Oops. I hate when that happens!

Have you ever tried to drive up an icy hill in your car? It doesn’t work very well does it? Ok, you have to watch this video – Check out these lunatics who tried it.

Sometimes doesn’t life seem to be nothing but an uphill battle and the hill is a pure sheet of ice? It seems like no matter how you try to get to the top of your career, get a handle on your failing relationship, on top of your finances,  stick to your new diet and work out schedule that you always end up sliding back down to the bottom where you started?

I’m sure there are some wise lessons we all are supposed to learn from life’s slippery slopes.  But I think pride and ego prevent us sometimes from looking at the obvious slippery slope. We’re still thinking we are going to make it to the top when we have just watched everyone else attempt it but only to come sliding back down  — like the cars in the video.

Although I totally bag on him from time to time, ok I bag on him all of the time…my manager Mr. Bricks surprises me with some very insightful things. He certainly has a lot of wisdom this Greek girl doesn’t have. One day out of the blue he started talking about Michael Jackson. It turns out he was good friends with the gloved one.  Who knew?? Mr. Bricks has the wisdom from his experiences, and he is generously sharing his experiences  to really help me with the slippery slopes of my career.

I suppose if my life was an episode of “King Fu”  a conversation between Mr. Bricks and myself would go something like this:

Master Bricks: What in life do you seek the most Young Ava?
Young Ava: I would like a record deal Master Bricks.
Bricks: Can you hear your own heartbeat?
Ava: No.
Bricks: Then how can you hear the songs in your head to make a record, Grasshopper?
Ava: Old man, how is it that you hear these things, like your own heartbeat?
Master Bricks: Young Greek Girl, how is it that you do not?

He is right. (It kills me to say that)  Since I started working with Mr. Bricks I have learned more about myself, which in turn has made me a much better person and artist. It is nice that I have someone like my manager Mr. Bricks now to help me navigate life’s slippery slopes. And that was just one of his lessons in wisdom – how can I hear songs if I can’t hear my own heart beat? The more I know myself and who I really am as a person, the better my song writing (and blog writing ) is going to be.  Master Bricks is wise indeed…I just hate it when he calls me Grasshopper. Kinda creeps me out.

I mentioned that I think pride and ego prevent us from sometimes admitting that we need help. This is especially true with teens and peer pressure. Young teenagers want to fit in. So sometimes they cave in to peer pressure and do things they really know is not right. It’s that slippery slope of life. If they don’t  cave into the peer pressure they fear they might be an outcast forever.  On the other hand, they can see all of the carnage from when others have done the wrong things.

As we get older the slopes are still there and they are slicker than ever! The slippage comes from other things than just peer pressure, although that still exists at every age. Some adults try to “keep up with the Joneses”, which is a slippery slope if they do not have as much money in the bank as the Jones family. Eventually they will end up on their butt flat broke.

It would be nice if every one of life’s slippery slopes had a warning sign screaming, “caution, danger ahead” – However, sadly they do not.  For my career I am fortunate to have a manager who helps warn me about them.  Who helps warn you or helps prevent you from sliding down the hill of life’s slippery slopes?





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2 Responses to Life’s Slippery Slopes

  1. tiallarising says:

    Great post, Ava! This really encouraged me as I’m recovering from yesterday’s shoulder surgery. Thanks.


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