That Snot Funny

No, there was no typo in the title of my blog today.  The subject is snot and isn’t funny! I’m sick, I’m grumpy and I just want to go back to sleep.

I am now at home sick in bed, with all of the covers pulled up over my Greek little head, I’m sneezing and hacking a lung (or two)… thank goodness my doggies are all nestled in the bed around me because I most likely have caught the bird flu or a rare strain of the bubonic plague. My nose is so red from blowing my nose I look like Rudolph! I got this way after spending much of yesterday surrounded by snot nosed kids and adults who all sounded like they had a bad case of whooping-cough. When I say snot nosed kids I don’t mean kids who were misbehaving, I literally mean kids with noses filled with snot and they were wheezing and sneezing like there was no tomorrow.

Part of the job description for me as a singer and actress means that sometimes I must make appearances where people want to get my autograph, shake my hand or stand real close and get their picture taken with me…. All of that is very flattering and humbling to me! It really is. Yesterday was just such a day that I had to be around people all day and most of them seemed to be coughing, blowing their nose or both.

I had one lady come up to my face and say, “I woke up this morning so sick with the flu, but I just had to come here, when I get  home I will probably collapse in my bed!” No, lady when I got home – I was the one ready to fall down and die!! Thanks for sharing your germs!

Ok people, when you are sick you need to stay home – just sayin’

I could go on and on, but I’d rather go back to sleep.


Blessings & hot tea,





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6 Responses to That Snot Funny

  1. At least you are “okay enough” to get a post out!
    Must admit though, i completely agree. All those people that come to work every single day unless they are hospitalised tend to make everyone else sick. Less unproduction in the big picture!
    Get better soon girl.

  2. ldsrr91 says:

    Everybody doin it
    picking their noses
    and chewin it, chewin it,
    they think it is candy
    but it’s snot.


    Git Better Gurl.


  3. tiallarising says:

    Oh I’m sorry to hear you’re sick! Eck being sick is no fun. I’ll pray for you! Good job in getting the post out…that’s more than I would do. Drink lots of medicinal tea! 😉


  4. amblerangel says:

    I agree- maybe the Japanese are onto something with their penchant for wearing face masks and “no nose blowing in public” society rules… Hope you are better.

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