Singing the Reality Stars Blues

Kim Kardashian Singing Star?

Do you really want to see this Greek girl go ballistic? Then give me tickets to a future Kim Kardashian concert. Yah, that’s right Kim Kardashian now thinks she is a singer! Kim and Kanye West are putting the record together with the help of  The-Dream, aka Terius Youngdell Nash. The-Dream is without a doubt the most talented R & B writer, producer, artist out there today! I just wonder why he would be working with Kim. I think I know why, butt….I’m not really sure. (spelling error intentional)

Now I can not really comment on Kim Kardashian’s singing voice yet because I haven’t heard her sing. And I am sure in real life she is a nice enough girl. So I will reserve my big fat Greek opinion on her ability to do so,  until after I actually do. So why did Kim Kardashian get a record deal? I don’t think she has been spending years in vocal lessons and working on her craft….butt, she does have a reality series. (spelling error intentional)

This is not the first time the record industry has tried to strike gold by signing a reality star to a record deal. Paris Hilton went down that road. In 2006 she released her debut album called Paris. Domestically it sold fewer than 500,000 copies, but internationally it sold 2.3 million copies. I should note that she has not recorded any additional music, but continues to release music videos. I guess she got the memo that the world would rather SEE Paris Hilton, than HEAR Paris Hilton.

More recently two of the ladies on the “Housewives of…” reality series released CD’s.

Real annoying housewives Luann de Lesseps, aka “The Countess” and Kim “Tardy for the Party” Zolciak

Depending on how much you like to watch your ears bleed or enjoy watching an automobile wreck on the Palisades Parkway The Greek Girl personally invites you to listen to the fine musical stylings that have come from these two-over inflated, ego-driven reality stars.

Money Can’t Buy You Class.  It just goes to show that money might not be able to buy you class, talent or a good singing voice, but it sure can buy you a record deal! Can you hear me now Kim Kardashian? Hang on, I just vomited a little in the back of my throat.  There’s so much electronic muckery going on with LuAnn’s voice it just makes me sick.

But Luann’s voice will seem like butter (rancid movie theatre butter at that) compared to listening to Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak’s song, “Tardy For The Party.” Here you be the judge:

OK, I can’t take any more of this Muckery…. Mr. Bricks, I want a record deal and I want it NOW! Or get me a reality series Mr. Bricks  so I will the get a record deal – just sayin’






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9 Responses to Singing the Reality Stars Blues

  1. ldsrr91 says:

    All good things come to he who waits.

    Personally, I don’t buy into it, all this reality crap, it is my money, and I want to spend it on someone who I feel “has paid their dues, has been proven to have some talent, not some gimmick of some PR guy.”

    This is a good reason I am selective about my music choices. I can go inside my garage and sit for a couple of hours, but that doesn’t make me a car.

    Anyway, that is my two cents on it.


  2. Reality show here we come!!! I will watch. As long as it is on a channel that we actually get.

  3. Todd Pack says:

    I was going to make a joke about how you need to get in the tabloids more or get on a trashy reality show, but, seriously, just remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Hang in there.

  4. davehitt29 says:

    Mr Bricks Ava NEEDS that record deal 😉

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