I Have A Dream

For several nights in a row I have had the same recurring dream. Each time I wake up just before I find out what happens next. I love to dream. I think when you dream it is your mind opening up and allowing more creativity to flow into your coconut.

I have been able to lucid dream. A lucid dream is where the dreamer is aware that it is just a dream and that they are dreaming. The term “lucid dreaming” was first used by a Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik van Eeden at the turn of the century.

Because I can lucid dream, I can go from a conscious state right into the dream I want to dream. This is not Greek voodoo or anything freaky, this is real scientific stuff. It does take practice to be able to lucid dream.  I know some of you will now say…”oh that explains half of the blogs Ava writes. She’s been lucid dreaming!” To that I say, Hardy – har – har!! Funny. But, nope, I am fully awake when I write these blogs. This crap just flows my little Greek noggin, day after day.

Ok, so the dream I have been having (but unable to finish) takes place at a concert of mine.  It is weird because in the dream I am playing a guitar, but in real life I do not play the guitar. I am sitting on a stool in the center of a stage.  I am wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. The only lights on in the building are spot lights shining on me. I can tell from the sounds coming from the audience that it is a pretty big crowd. It is also a friendly crowd because I can hear them shouting “We Love You Ava” from time to time.

Although during my dreams I am singing, when I am awake I am not aware of what songs I was singing in the dream. Those details are kinda of fuzzy. After each song, I feel closer and closer to the audience, in a connected sort of way. It is like I am feeding off of them and them off of me. I tell the audience that as long as they want to hear me sing, I will stay up there and keep singing. When ever I say that the crowds roars with approval.

The ability to just sit there and sing and sing and sing without getting tired is all part of the dream. It’s like I can do it forever. And that’s part where I wake up. So far in this recurring dream, I never stop singing. And thankfully the audience never grows tired of hearing me sing! What I am trying to do by picking up this dream night after night is to see what happens after I go off stage…but so far that hasn’t happened yet.

When I sit and think about the symbolism of this dream, I am not surprised by it at all.  I will never quit singing! So that part of the dream is spot on.

I decided to dig a little deeper into perhaps what this dream might mean. From an online dream dictionary here are some key aspects of the dream and what they might mean:


To sing in your dream, represents happiness, harmony and joy in some situation or relationship. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition. Singing is a way to celebrate, communicate, embrace and express your feelings.


To see or play a guitar in your dream, represents passion and emotion.


To see or wear sneakers in your dream, suggest that you are approaching through life with ease and little obstacles. It also denotes comfort and satisfaction with yourself and who you are. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you lead an active life and are always on the go


To dream that you are in the spotlight, indicates your need to be noticed and to be the center of attention. Perhaps you are feeling overlooked in your waking life and the dream is a compensatory one.


To dream that you are in front of an audience, represents the world around you and how it is paying close attention to your actions.

My manager Mr. Bricks has been telling me that some really great things are going to be happening in my career really soon. I guess it appears that I am now dreaming about it! Perhaps when I try lucid dreaming I am never able to find out how the dream really ends is because in real life, I never want to stop singing!

That is my dream!




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9 Responses to I Have A Dream

  1. That all sounds pretty awesome. Ask Mr. Bricks what he is actually dreaming? Maybe he is having similiar dreams.

    • Bokkie: Are we sure we really want to know what Mr. Bricks dreams about? That might be like opening a whole can of worms. In seriousness, we have talked about it and he has a few dreams, similar in nature, yet very different. And thankfully he says he is not dreaming about me!



  2. ldsrr91 says:

    When I lived in the city, I had a neighbor lady across the street, who would interpret my dreams. She demanded that I give her at least three of my dreams per week, so that she could tell me the meaning of them (the true meaning as I remember it).

    After some time this became a chore, giving her the dreams, so I just started making them up and some were rather outlandish in nature. Which did not seem to deter her in the least. No matter how off the wall or how radical, she always seemed able to “explain it away” and gave me the sheet of paper the next day.

    Finally I left the city and moved to the country, but she never did catch on that I was fabricating all of this non-sense in order to appease her.

    My fame is vapor, my riches take to wings, my dreams are now long gone, the only thing in life that endures is character. In my case, it is most likely a good idea that I do not remember my dreams, such as they are.


  3. davehitt29 says:

    Sounds awesome!

    My dreams are about 2 things fires and racing LOL
    Be so cool if i ever did what i dream about like going into a burning building flames rolling over ya LOL Maybe some day 😉

  4. tiallarising says:

    Wow…that is really interesting. I’ve never heard about lucid dreaming before, but I think I can do it too…but never knew it had a name. Well, you definitely are uplifting to others through your blog…and I think that lots of people are paying close attention to your actions – whether through person or your blog. 😉

    PS. I’ve been wondering: what do you think of the movie “My big fat Greek wedding”?


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