Dude Looks Like A Lady

So Steven Tyler is one of the new judges for American Idol.  I like him and his band Aerosmith, but that still isn’t enough to get me to watch the show. Sorry Mr. Head of Programming at Fox.

It might surprise you that The Greek Blonde girl is not a fan of American Idol. Yah, who knew? Just because I am a singer and recording artist doesn’t mean I must like a show about singers that creates manufactured careers. In my Greek noggin, the only real American Idol has been Kelly Clarkson…oh, wait I also think Daughtry is a really talented singer as well as Kelly.

The problem I have with the show American Idol is that it gives false hopes to so many people. This is a hard business. But now thanks to that reality series so many people think that if they get on TV it will make them a great singer. What it actually does, is it reinforces that lose screw in their coconut that makes them think they are a good singer.  Hold the phone William Hung can you hear me now? We all really know that just because you are on TV doesn’t mean you are a good singer, or that you can even sing for that matter. We had that nonsense and muckery with Larry Platt and his song, Pant’s On The Ground to prove that.

I have great respect for myself as a singer and for all of those who have also trained to perfect their craft like I have. However, I don’t have a great deal of respect for marginal Karaoke singers who have a really great back story and get lots of exposure on National TV.

Now before you go off asking me if this Greek Girl wants a little whine with her cheese, let me say, this is not about sour grapes. I am happy when anyone has something wonderful happen to them. And clearly anyone who is on American Idol is in for an incredible ride with some really great opportunities in store for them. But just because they were on American Idol doesn’t mean they are  a fantastic singer.

Note: Please scroll up and re-read paragraph 3 – just sayin’





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9 Responses to Dude Looks Like A Lady

  1. vixter2010 says:

    Mmm I wasn’t so sure about the new judges either but just wait, It’s better than X Factor which is on its way to you guys!
    I agree Kelly C is the most talented although Carrie Underwood does have a good voice too. It’s a shame that so many talented artists miss out because they don’t have that exposure that comes with the show but hopefully; hard work will pay off in the end!

  2. I see yoru point- but I am a huge realty tv fan, and honestly love American Idols. I have seen so many opportunities come to people in South Africa through shows like that, and the thing is that most of them have great talent. (I mean the people that get anywhere- not teh ones that get chucked teh first day.) They just havent had the opportunities.
    Maybe false Hope because they place their “all” into that one spot. They forget that getting most places takes hard work. At the end of the day- those are the people that will stick! People like you Ava.
    Will you really not watch any of it?

  3. ldsrr91 says:

    Cup Cake made me watch it, but I got to tell you, it was a big yawner. It is not the same, and I don’t expect it to last (or better yet, I don’t WANT IT TO LAST) it is no good now that Simon has departed.

    He gave it a touch of honesty. All of it seems to be hype now.

    Y’know what I mean Dawg?


  4. dorcas says:

    I kinda like that show. 🙂 Actually I like any singing shows.. I love high school musical.. WEird huh ??? anyway.. i think carrie underwood is awesome. 🙂

    What would you do Ava, if you got a chance to be a judge on american idol??? 🙂

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