Internet Kill Switch

An internet kill switch? Whatyoutalkinaboutwillis? Just because Egypt has done it doesn’t mean we should do it. My mom use to say to me, “Well Ava just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean you should too! If they all jumped off of a bridge, would you wanna do that too?” Honestly?  – Inside my little Greek coconut – I think I always did want to secretly jump off that imaginary bridge my Mom referred to. But don’t tell her that.

I do have many fans in Egypt and this whole switching off the internet has really taken a toll on my blog numbers. But seriously, there are so many other stupid things that other countries have come up with but thankfully we were smart enough to sit back and say, “I don’t think so.”

Here is a list of foreign inventions that thankfully never caught on in the United States.

Portable Sauna, Finland


Baby Cage, England



Dog Restraint, France


Baby Holder, England

I am hoping beyond hope that the Internet Kill Switch is not something the United States Government ever seriously considers or uses. I say this for a reason.

A few weeks ago I did a blog about Facebook shutting down on March 15th. It was by far one of my most popular blog posts because so many people were seriously concerned that it might be true. And all of that concern was over just the potential of one website shutting down. I can not even imagine the uproar over shutting down the entire internet. Can’t happen.

So what do you think?







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16 Responses to Internet Kill Switch

  1. frizztext says:

    another actually useless thing:
    a gas war resistant pram

  2. ldsrr91 says:

    My mama said the very same thing.

    Must be in the manual or something?


  3. Google will launch a special service that would allow you to phone in…. just like they have done! Good stuff hey.

  4. Tilly Bud says:

    Don’t give me sleepless nights, Ava, please 😦

  5. davehitt29 says:

    If that happened it be time to move to Canada!!

  6. frizztext says:

    If that happened it be time to move to Canada!!

  7. tiallarising says:

    If the entire internet is really shut down…there will be SERIOUS problems. 😯 totally agree – it can’t happen. lol 😛


  8. The Hook says:

    Cool post!
    The entire Egyptian situation raises questions in our own lives, doesn’t it?

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