Internet to Run Out of Addresses

Ok, keeping with yesterday’s blog post about the possibility of a Kill Switch on The Internet, today I am keeping my “Greek Geek Streak” alive by talking today about possibility of the internet running out of internet protocol addresses. It seems that when the internet IP addresses system was designed it allocated a system that could handle only 4.3 billion IP addresses.

What was Al Gore thinking? Hey, if the dude is taking credit for inventing the internet he must assume the responsibility when something major happens with the internet like running out of addresses.

Apparently, Mr. Gore forgot to figure in the 1,330,141,295 people of China or the 1,173,108,018 people in India. Adding and subtracting numbers has never been a strong suit for Al. Remember the October 2000 Presidential debate, when George W. Bush described Al Gore’s economic figures as ”fuzzy math?”

It is estimated that the world is adding somewhere between 30,000 to 50,000 new internet addresses a day! That is just shy of the number of CD’s I am selling per day.  (Greek Blonde Girl slaps herself on top of her noggin to bring her back to reality) I mean, I wish I was selling.

Like I have done with many other big issues facing the world-at-large, I have put my Greek coconut to good use and came up with a solution to the problem of the internet running out of addresses.

Here are my solutions to solving the lack of internet addresses:

  1. Any internet address that shows people in the underpants or anything less must give back their address
  2. Any internet address that deals with or plays gangsta rap music must give  back their address (Yes I realize #1 and #2 are many of the same sites.)
  3. Any internet address that talks about crap I don’t like (they know who they are) must give their address back
  4. Any internet address that talks about hurting little animals must give heir address back
  5. Any internet address that offers free food or discount coupons for food to my manager Mr. Bricks must give their address back

The new system they are designing (or have designed) can handle 340 undecillion addresses. That’s 340 billion billion billion billion different addresses.

Ok, all of this talk about numbers makes my head bleed.






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8 Responses to Internet to Run Out of Addresses

  1. is undecillion a real word?

  2. frizztext says:

    thanks to all Greek and Christian Gods internet still works well for me – supporting my virtual Globetrotter passion …

  3. indyink says:

    Also, any internet address leading to cats talking about cheeseburgers.

    Good stuff.


  4. tiallarising says:

    wow that’s a lot of numbers. I like your list, and I totally agree. Except, coupons are helpful with grocery shopping when you have a big fam. 😉


  5. The Hook says:

    The whole topic does boggle the mind, doesn’t it?

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