Terms of Endearment

Remember the old movie from way back when with Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson and Debra Winger? The premise was about the relationship between a mother and daughter. It won 5 Academy Awards, the acting was top-notch. the writing was superb and it was just an all-around great flick.

I recently saw the movie again and it made me start thinking about all of the relationships in my life and how sometimes people so different can still get along. And since I get so many comments and so much email about this, let me address my relationship with my manager  Mr. Bricks.

For those Enquiring Minds who want to know when I mention I have a sweetie in some of my blogs  – no it’s not Mr. Bricks. My sweetie is an actor/director and I keep my private life private. It takes a strong person to be the other half of the Greek Blonde Girl.

Same thing with my relationship with my manager Mr. Bricks, meaning it takes a strong person to manage me. Mainly because you just never know what will come out of my noggin at any given time. I might be talking to Mr. Bricks about something we are working on and then I will just blurt out, “I need to do laundry.” Mr. Bricks is always saying “where did that comment come from?” I think some of my Greek noggin wires got crossed when I was born, that is why there is so much Muckery in my life. Now that doesn’t mean I went to school on a short bus or anything…it just really means I am Greek and I love to talk. And I’m not making fun of anyone – I work very closely with all types of people, even those people and children with special needs.

So Mr. Bricks has his hands full dealing with me. But even when you see my comments about him there is a deep respect for everything he has done for me. And he knows it. Did you know Mr. Bricks was a clown with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus when he was younger? Yep. I guess with clown make-up on you couldn’t really see the lazy eye. I tell you about his exploits with the circus to let you know that he has a wicked sense of humor – wicked meaning  – a very funny sense of humor. So if I didn’t goof on him it just wouldn’t seem right because he is always goofing on me. So there is no need to feel sorry for him and I am not being mean when I make comments about him on my blog. I assume he reads it and he still takes my phone calls, so I guess I haven’t crossed the line yet.

He really is a funny guy, Sometimes when we meet I really don’t know what to expect. Once he showed up looking all Gangster, with bling, dark sun glasses, baseball cap on side ways, his pants dragging down to the ground. He is always making me laugh. There is just something funny about a fat old man trying to look hip. He doesn’t dress like that normally, but he just loves to embarrass me. The only good thing about his Gangster attire was the dark sunglasses. You couldn’t see the lazy eye! Yippie.

When you work as close with another person as much as Mr. Bricks and I do, you  learn to find the terms of endearment of them –  no matter what a dork they might be. Deep down there is a real person trapped in Mr. Bricks body. Other people might have their opinions as to how they think I might mistreat Mr. Bricks by talking about him all of the time on the blog, but I ask those peopel to walk a mile in my sneakers before you cast the first stone – just sayin’




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4 Responses to Terms of Endearment

  1. frizztext says:

    walk a mile in my sneakers before you cast the first stone … I try…

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