My New BFF

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Well, I kinda feel a bit like Paris Hilton making a big splashy announcement about my new BFF. But don’t worry I won’t build a reality series around it like she did.

This just happened naturally. I wasn’t really in the market for a new BFF because I barely have enough time for myself as it is, let alone a new friend. But this one is special.  My new BFF’s name is Ping. No, Ping is not someone from Japan or China. It is a fairly new social networking site from Apple’s iTunes for music. It debuted last September on the same day the iPad was released. And so now the Greek Blonde Girl’s music is much more accessible through Ping. Can I hear an Amen?

If you have a Ping account, please feel free to follow me on there. I will be putting exclusive content on there with things not available on my blog or on Facebook. If you don’t have a Ping account here is a link to where you can sign up for a Ping profile.  Click Here

So the thought of what is Ping might be rolling around in your coconut, but have no fear, Ava is here. I will use my best effort to let you know what it is. Well look at it like a backstage pass to visit your favorite Rock Star. It is similar to Facebook and Twitter, Ping is accessible on the go, with Ping being available in iTunes for both iPod Touches, and iPhones. In fact, when Ping was released on September 1st, Steve Jobs even referenced Facebook and Twitter, stating “sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes”. Steve Jobs also went on to say that Ping is also different from them, saying that Ping is all about music.

Since I am all about music, this has really got me excited. I just signed up 3 days ago and I already have about 1500 followers. My goal is 10,000 followers by end of the month. Cool beans. Once you become a Ping user you are able to view what music your friends are purchasing and reviewing (umm hello, it better be mine – just sayin’.)  You can receive a personalized “charts” list that features what other people with a similar taste in music are listening to through iTunes.  Additionally, you can be informed about what concerts your friends are attending and be able to purchase your tickets accordingly.Well, I hope you like Ping as much as I do. And if you do, I would appreciate you recommending me to your friends.






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4 Responses to My New BFF

  1. tiallarising says:

    That’s really cool, Ava. I saw Ping on my iTunes, but haven’t checked it out yet. Thanks for the explanation! 😎


  2. Yes, Ava, excellent explanation. I hadn’t checked Ping out yet, but now I’ll be more knowledgable when I do.


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