I see London, I see France

Singer Katy Perry Photo by: WireImage.com

I have touched upon the subject of female singers going onstage in nothing but their underwear before, but I have never devoted an entire blog to the subject matter.

I am unsure why so many female singers now feel like it is a good idea to go onstage in their underwear. Unless a girl is trying to get the attention of my manager Mr. Bricks’ and his one lazy eye.  It is a disturbing trend that seems to becoming more and more common. This is a trend that I am bound and determined to put a stop to. So effective today, I the Greek Blonde girl, have appointed myself as the Czar of Pantaloons.

My mantra is very simple. Girls keep your britches on. And guys, I know you are testing the waters by walking on stage with your pants on the ground and your underpants hanging out…next thing you know you too will be walking on stage without your pants on. Just say no.

When I was telling my manager Mr. Bricks about how I felt about not ever wanting to perform on stage with anyone just wearing their underwear, he suggested I add it to my technical rider, which is a set of requests or demands that a performer will set as criteria for their performance. Yah right…I will be the first rocker chick who has a “No Panties” clause in her contracts — oh wait, I guess the Kardashians already have a similar clause in all of their contracts. However, I think their clause might mean something totally opposite of what mine would mean.

I don’t care what the situation is, you will never hear someone say, I see London, I see France, I see the Greek Girls’ underpants. Nope, never going to happen. Sorry guys. (I probably just lost 500 male fans) It has nothing to do with me being ashamed of my body and wanting to keep it covered up. I work out very hard every day, I eat very healthy and I am very proud of my body, but I just don’t feel a need to prance around on stage in my skivvies.

This is one place where the old saying, if you got it, flaunt it should not apply. I personally think it is just another example of the moral decay of our society which makes me sad. When you go to a  concert you should be going to hear the music, not to see a peep show.

Girls (and certain guys) it is called underwear..the key word here is under. The dictionary defines the word as:


noun \ˈən-dər-ˌwer\

Definition of UNDERWEAR

clothing or an article of clothing worn next to the skin and under other clothing


‘Nuff said.




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21 Responses to I see London, I see France

  1. Why not be shocking and cover up from neck to knees? Everyone would be talking about that strange new look.

  2. frizztext says:

    probably just lost 500 male fans…
    no, you have not…
    but one should discuss and maybe have some empathy to small steps towards eroticism on stage …

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  4. ournote2self says:

    I 100% agree with you. When going to see a concert, it should be about the talent, the music…not about what they are wearing. (or not wearing)

  5. ldsrr91 says:

    Lady Gaga was on 60 minutes and just about half-naked last week.

    Like I really needed that.


  6. Jim says:

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t want to see a performer’s underwear!

  7. dougbrowncreative says:

    I am clear on this one Ava: my 8-year old girl needs good role models and any young female singer who parades around in her gitch is off the list. It seems like some rite-of-passage that good girls go “bad” by showing off the knickers. I wish it would stop. Evidently I am not alone!

  8. The Hook says:

    Obviously Katy feels “sex sells” is the way to go, no matter what. I can definitely see why a serious artist like yourself would be offended by such ridiculous behaviour from a recording artist who has already “made it.”

  9. qkj000 says:

    the picture is beautifull…haha

    nice post…

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