We Go Together Like….

Time to dust off my Mizuno Nirvana 6 Sneakers

Yesterday was one of those days where spring was in the air and you could just smell it. So I decided to lace up my sneakers on my feet and I went for my very first official outside run since old man winter made a visit way back in November. It was everything

I wanted it to be. It felt awesome to get that feeling again, that one that comes after a long run, that you can do anything, literally! A nice chill was still in the air and I even came across a family of deer out for a stroll. It was magical.

After I got back from my run (high on endorphins I might add), I posted on my Facebook wall that I’m an endorphin junkie! You can “like” my Facebook page here. I am dangerously close to reaching 10,000 “likes”. You can help me out by liking the page and suggesting it to your friends. Thanks.

My specific running shoe of choice is the Mizuno Wave® Nirvana® 6. They are like jelly to my feet’s peanut butter and my life is just a slice of bread when I am out running. And for some reason that song by the Ying Yang Twins about peanut butter and jelly was going round and round in my coconut while I was out running. Along with all the cool tunes on my ipod. Somethings are just meant to go together. It’s just like me and my working out… I am the apple and the work out is the pie.

I like using these sayings of what goes together. Here are some other fun ones:

  • like cheese and crackers
  • like ham and cheese
  • like chips and salsa
  • like love and marriage
  • like ying and  yang
  • like bees and  honey
  • like wine and cheese
  • like black and white
  • Melissa Leo and the “F”  Bomb

or these…

  • like fish and chips
  • like spaghetti and  meatballs
  • like song and dance
  • like salt and pepper
  • like bacon and eggs
  • like green eggs and ham
  • like gin and tonic
  • like mashed potatoes and gravy
  • like strawberries and cream
  • like pen and paper
  • like chips and dip
  • like peas and carrots
  • like meat and potatoes
  • like rice and beans
  • like sweet and sour
  • like sugar and spice
  • like hot and spicy
  • like you and me
  • like hot and dry
  • Charlie Sheen and stupidity

There are so many. What can you think of that goes together??

But sigh, not all things in the Greek Girl’s life goes so well together. Somethings are like oil and vinegar… much like my business relationship with my manager Mr. Bricks. He is the thorn to my rose – just sayin’.





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5 Responses to We Go Together Like….

  1. Endorphin Junkie, that is cute.

  2. frizztext says:

    # like ying and yang
    # like bees and honey
    # like song and dance
    greetings by
    the dog and cat couple

  3. ava thanks for posting a link to your song and your comments, i really appreicate it. what a great voice!!!

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