Does This Blog Make My Mouth Look Big?

Hard at work on my blog

Since October of 2010 I have been faithfully blogging every day. It’s a discipline that is now a part of my life – like working out and eating healthy. Most everyone knows that Greeks like to talk. It’s written into our DNA that not only do we like love to talk with our mug, we also love to talk with our hands. Something happens in our coconut when we are being born that makes us want to become the next Chatty Cathy.

But this desire to continually talk  comes with a price.  When I was just a little girl my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Blanchard  safety-pinned a note to my little purple  jumper telling my parents that their little blonde Greek goddess appears to have diarrhea of the mouth in class. Those were the teacher’s exact words! Diarrhea of the mouth. I once had a boyfriend who broke up with me because he said I talked to much. He said he tried to break up with me on our last date but I never shut up long enough for him to say anything, so he sent me a break-up email. Nice.

And thankfully now after Al Gore invented the internet – someone invented the blog, or did Big Al invent that too? Blogs are great because it’s like I can talk and talk about anything and there is always someone willing to read about my Muckery. People all over the world can sit in their Ricky Ricardo pajamas with their morning cup of coffee and read all about my recent  Muckery. Most people seem to enjoy it. I guess what they say is true that misery does love company! But not all is so blissful in my blogosphere land. Many of my friends and family who are faithful readers of my blog and who also know all about my 2nd grade diagnosis of diarrhea of mouth are a little less enthusiastic and a little more leery. Last week my mom had a conversation with me that was just like any conversation between a mother and her daughter. Until about 20 minutes later my mom called me back.

My Mom:  “Ava I hope I don’t see what we talked about in your blog tomorrow morning.”

Me:  ” Yes, Mom, I understand your concerns.”

My Mom: “I hope not sweetie”

Oh the power of the blog.

As a card-carrying member of the entertainment industry I have a circle of people around me who help keep my career going. At the center of that circle is my manager Mr. Bricks. Because he is at the center of my Muckery, he is often the frequent target of my blogs.

The popularity of my rants about Mr. Bricks’ bad eating habits and my desire for him to work out like I do has  led to a very fun Saturday Morning Cartoon blog about the relationship between a singer and her manager. Although it is based loosely on what happens in my career, the Saturday Morning Cartoon blogs are a total send up of what really happens. Isn’t that what cartoons are all about? I suppose some of the things the character of Ava says in the cartoon to the Mr. Bricks character  is just stuff rolling around my noggin that I think is funny. If I really felt them or said them in person, then I think it might be a little mean-spirited and that is not how I roll. I am just a Blonde Greek Girl just trying to humor the one world one  blog post at a time.

Recently my manager Mr. Bricks called me. Nothing too weird about that. But wait…read on, the Muckery ensues:

Mr. Bricks: “Hey Ava how are you doing today?”

Me: “Not much Mr. Bricks. So why are you calling me? Is it to tell me you have a record deal for me Mr. Bricks?”

Mr. Bricks: “No, I want to talk about your blog”

Me: “What about my blog?”

Mr. Bricks: ” I am glad you are writing it. I know you are Greek and I know how much you like to talk. Well Ava, it is kinda like you have diarrhea of the mouth sometimes”

Me: ”Are you going to write that in a note and safety-pin it onto my jumper?”

Mr. Bricks: “What?”

Me: “Never mind”

Well my manager Mr. Bricks went onto to say he was going to keep an eye on my blogs to make sure I don’t say anything inappropriate that could damage my career. Well, with that 2nd grade diagnosis I got and all, I guess anything is possible. The real creepy part about Mr. Bricks saying he was going to “keep an eye on my blog” is the fact that he has one lazy eye.

So as much as I love writing a daily blog, it certainly isn’t Muckery free. Thanks for being here day after day to read what ever comes out of my mouth.

Have a great day!




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15 Responses to Does This Blog Make My Mouth Look Big?

  1. Sometimes I do wander whether you potentially pause any other potential clients for Mr Bricks in all your muckery. Shame.
    We here, and will be here for a while…. Listening to your varbal diarrhea.

    • Bokkie, I think your comment got lost in the translation– not sure what you meant. Do you mean no new clients would go to Mr. Brick when they read all of the Muckery and drama I post about him? If so, no worries….he gets plenty of calls with new clients seeking him to represent them.



  2. vixter2010 says:

    Haha, you should be proud to be a chatterbox and it works really well in blog land! It sucks thinking baout having to censor yourself but you know what, I bet they secretly love being mentioned especially Mr Bricks – he’s becomming a star in his own right 🙂

  3. frizztext says:

    congrats to that photo:

  4. frizztext says:

    I think you have a HOMER gen; I’m sure he talked all day long – and that in hexameter rhymes! or maybe a THUKYDIDES gen? he wrote prosa, not in rhymes, but not funny. In ancient Greek theaters already comedies (not only tragedies) had a tradition! for sure some of your forefathers are in your gen-pool! comedian authors.

  5. frizztext says:

    maybe the figures on old ancient Greek ceramics are the origin for your Saturday cartoon videos?

  6. dougbrowncreative says:

    I used to get called Gab-a-Gail and Chatty Cathy in public school Ava. They were talking dolls that you couldn’t turn off. And I’m a guy….
    The best part about incessant chatterers is that they usually make pretty interesting blog writers. They are breezy and light when they need to be and can dig down for the heavier stuff when called upon. Most importantly, they are Regular (the verbal diarrhea kind). That keeps our readers engaged. If we stop talking for too long they drift away to other blogs.
    Keep it up. As your Mom knows, you come by it naturally.

  7. kolembo says:

    great post…and your mouth looks lovely dahlink!

  8. tiallarising says:

    Oh Ava, I love your blog so much! You inspire me…and I feel like I know you. One day, maybe, we could meet. I’m thinking about posting more often…. I just have problems coming up with what to post about! I love hearing about your Muckery, and it’s all in how you word it, so no problems there. 😉


  9. The Hook says:


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