The Biggest Loser is a Winner, Duh


If I say the Biggest Loser is a Winner many people may think I am talking about Pia Toscano getting prematurely booted from American Idol. Although I am not a huge fan of the show, Mr. Bricks thinks the show is the cat’s pajamas. He was all teary eyed the other day when Pia was voted off of the reality show, and from what I have heard from Mr. Bricks, she was the most talented…. and I trust his judgement after all he represents me, so he must have good taste – just saying! So although Pia may appear to be a big loser, in the end she is a big winner. She was on the Tonight Show last with Jay Leno, and she will do just fine!

Hey, I am very excited to be working with a whole new animation software program that will allow me to make these Saturday Morning Cartoons much closer to what I want them to be and it will hopefully get me closer to one to my goals of having an “Ava the Diva” cartoon series on TV! My eyes are all blurry because it is like mind crack, very addicting!

So, instead of the two bears that you have been seeing, you will now see the Greek Blonde Girl, sneakers and all as well as the bumbling Mr. Bricks in his full glory! Here is a sneak peek of the what the main characters look like!

Thank you all for your continued support for all of the fun and exciting things that are happening in my career right now.



PS. Only 20 More Days until the World Premier of “GONE” my new music video on April 28th.

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3 Responses to The Biggest Loser is a Winner, Duh

  1. frizztext says:

    how to get on TV-screen very quick:
    hope to see you there on TV …

  2. dorcas says:

    Good luck on your video Ava. Praying that it gets you your record deal.:)

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