I Saw My First UFO Today

UFO captured in photo of recording artist Ava Aston

As I approach writing my 200th blog (yea me) I was going through some photos that I thought I could use to accentuate my writing. Maybe I was just being a lazy Greek girl today, but I figured that if a picture is worth a 1,000 words so why couldn’t I post a picture today and call it good?

But it couldn’t just be any picture. It must be a picture that gets people talking. A picture that makes a blog go viral.  Maybe a picture of me and a furry animal? Wait, I recently posted a photo of me and the abandoned donkey, so I needed something else. I’m a good Greek girl so posting a picture of me prancing around in my underpants wasn’t an option. If I have said it here once, I have said it a thousand times – I am not a Kardashian! They are Armenian and I am Greek. Other than the hair color, the biggest difference is in the genes jeans. I keep mine on for photo shoots and they take them off – just sayin’

Posting a picture instead of writing for your blog is not a bad thing. I have seen many amazing blogs that post a picture and call it good.  I would like to recommend and give a shout out to my new blog friend, Frizztext who does that very successfully. His post of a dog sitting on a sofa ignoring all of the cat photos around him is my favorite! You can see Frizztext’s blog here: Frizztext blog

I titled my blog “I Saw My First UFO Today” because in my coconut it is just as important to have a really cool title as it is having an amazing photo and/or amazing words.





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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Ava Aston and I am a recording artist and actress. I'm just an ordinary girl who acts, sings, writes songs and now writes this blog. I hope you enjoy my blogging enough to want to subscribe. Blessings, Ava If you want to learn even more about me, check out my website at www.avaaston.com
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17 Responses to I Saw My First UFO Today

    • You’re welcome…I do like your photos and your blog! I will get a lot of emails from other people who have been asking me to give their blogs or website a shout out….oh well, I write from my heart and that is what came out today!



  1. frizztext says:

    by the way: it is a GREEK dog!
    D = Dog (ignoring cats)
    (and I’m sure, he never has seen an UFO!
    but Corned Beef out of our refrigerator, he was very interested …)

  2. frizztext says:

    result: the dog is able to ignore painted cats, but not yet real cats …
    human beings maybe should learn to ignore UFOs – painted or not …

  3. Tilly Bud says:

    I agree about the cool title. It certainly had me rushing over to check it out!

  4. tiallarising says:

    Amazing photo. 😉 Your post’s title is actually what caught my eye. But you know, some of the best blogs are the ones that only show photos. They’re a whole lot quicker to “read” anyway! 🙂

    -Tia ❤

  5. mcsnitches says:

    The title got me :). Nice post.

  6. Thanks so much for visiting my ‘Careann’s Musings’ blog today via Freshly Pressed. I love meeting new people here in cyberspace. As a writer I keep my blog’s focus mostly on writing, but I post on other topics, too. I’ve enjoyed having a peek at your blog. I’m like you in that I often hunt for the perfect photo… not so much to take the place of words, but to complement them. That’s a catchy title, too. 🙂

  7. The Hook says:

    Wow, your very own Close Encounter! Good for you!

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