Aunt Iris and Ted Williams’ Head

Ted Williams Frozen Head

It’s hard writing a blog when you are also wiping away the tears as you try to type. I hope the water from all of my tears doesn’t trickle down into the electronics of the laptop and cause some sort of muckery that would short-circuit everything. That wouldn’t be good for the Greek girl.

As I mentioned yesterday, we are traveling by car down to Florida with my 87-year old Great Aunt, Iris. What a doll. My eyes are leaking.  They are mostly happy tears from all of the non-stop laughs Aunt Iris has provided. However, I also still have some residual eye puffiness and tears from the allergic reaction I had to her cat. I was so doped up that I took so many sudafed and benadryls that I kinda felt like Barry Bonds. Good thing I wasn’t driving and had some else to drive us.

Aunt Iris is my mom’s favorite Auntie, and I can see why. She is a hoot. I haven’t laughed this much since that time I watched Mr. Bricks try to fit into a size medium T-shirt. Yesterday we were going into our 15th hour of driving and out of the blue Aunt Iris blurted out, Ted Williams Head. So naturally when an 87-year old woman says a random statement like that the first thing you think of is OK time to pull over and find a hotel, someone needs their medication or someone’s getting loopy. But that wasn’t the case here.

Turns out, Iris knew exactly what she was talking about, I was the one who in baseball terms was out in left field. I had no idea that Boston Red Sox’s  Hall of Famer,  Ted Williams had a secret pact with his family that they would all be frozen after they die. Ted wanted this done because he believed in science and felt that some day perhaps they all would “be able to be together in the future, even if it is only a chance.” What ever the odds were he was willing to try cryonics if it held the possibility of reuniting the family. The amazing thing about this story about Ted Wiliams’ Head is the fact that Iris was totally up to speed and I wasn’t.  I was in awe of the constant stream of information that came out of her noggin. That is why I love being around older people, they are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

After Williams died in 2002, his body was taken by private jet to a company in Scottsdale, Ariz. There, Williams’ body was separated from his head in a procedure called neuroseparation. Let me just say that if in the off-chance my Living Will ever turns up missing and someone in my family gets the wild idea to pull a Ted Williams on me and pickles my noggin, you better believe I want it also going by private jet to its final destination, or heads are gonna roll…..oops, did I really just say that?

According to a 2003 Sports Illustrated article, Ted Williams was decapitated by surgeons at the cryonics company where his body was suspended in liquid nitrogen and several samples of his DNA went missing. Ok, lets stop right here. I want my entire big Greek family put on notice that this blonde girl doesn’t want anyone mucking around with my Greek noggin after I die. I think I have a good head on my shoulders and that is where I want it to stay. I don’t want it hacked off of my body and put into some pickle jar on display. No, I don’t roll like that and neither does my noggin.

Ava Aston and her Great Aunt Iris

Blessings, Love & Music,
Ava xox 

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8 Responses to Aunt Iris and Ted Williams’ Head

  1. frizztext says:

    if you want, that they are talking about you even in 200 years:

    1 – let them put your head in a frozen box
    2 – ask Homer, the Greek storyteller, if he could write a chapter about you
    3 – save your art at youtube
    let’s prefer the solution no. #3!

  2. vixter2010 says:

    Hehe bless her, she’s cute. The frozen head thing is freaky – what body would you use in the future when you’re thawed out?!

  3. tiallarising says:

    Yeah that pickling thing is gross. No way would that kind of a request make it into my Will.
    Your great aunt sounds hilarious. 😉 haha


  4. Everybody needs an aunt like that!!!

  5. The Hook says:

    Very unique title!

  6. Actually, Ted Williams was coerced into the whole cryonics affair by his son. There is even dispute as to whether or not certain documents are fakes or forgeries.. Ted the elder consistently professed he wished to be cremated, but it’s believed that in his declining years and in a rapidly declining mental and physical state, John-Henry finessed the situation that led to the old man to giving in to his son’s wishes.

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