Chaotic Is My New Normal

I’m not into Chaotic Evil like in the picture where a car is intentionally splashing someone walking along side the road. That is just mean-spirited. I think the driver of the car better be prepared for some Chaotic Karma. But I do like a little good chaos in my own life every now and then, just like my manager Mr. Bricks likes a little extra Barbecue sauce on his McRibs. For me, the chaos is just a little something extra to keep me on my toes, and in my sneakers doing the best at whatever I do.

Somewhere along the line my life started spinning out of control and now I think I like it. My Greek noggin seems to thrive being on that razor-thin edge of disaster. It’s made me bump up my B game to my A game. Simply put, having a million (slight exaggeration) things going on all at once is making me a better person.

The person who has no purpose in life, often loses their life. If there is no real reason to get up each morning, your noggin kinda starts sleeping in with the rest of your body as well. That’s not a good thing.

There is a similarity between a 6-year old and that little old lady that you see on TV who goes sky diving on her 92nd birthday. When interviewed on the evening news she said her secrets to a long life is never going to bed mad at another person, a shot of whiskey will cure anything that ails you, and as long as your heart is beating there is still plenty of things to do.  Similarly, a 6-year old never goes to bed angry at anyone (according to my Mom, this Greek little blonde girl just plain never went to bed) and most little tykes are always up for an adventure with something to do. I did say the 6-year old and a 92-year old widow were similar, but not identical – because the real difference is I am not advocating a shot of whiskey to a child for whatever ails them, that’s what sugar-coated cereals like Cap ‘n Crunch and Frosted Flakes are for.  For the record, I think the shot of whiskey is just as  nasty as any sugar-coated cereal – just sayin’

Chaos aka muckery, comes and goes in all of our lives. The most important thing to learn is how to embrace it. With a little practice, maybe you will be like me and actually enjoy a little chaos with your morning coffee.




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6 Responses to Chaotic Is My New Normal

  1. frizztext says:

    old lady that you see on TV who goes sky diving on her 92nd birthday – yes, that could be an interesting goal. at least to reach that age, with or without drinking Uso …

  2. Kaddie says:

    Great post!
    Even though I really don’t have much excitement going on in my life -_-
    I totally agree with you!

  3. Tom Baker says:

    I haven’t been here in a long while. I haven’t been to any blogs in awhile. I just recently started back to blogging and noticed you dropped by my site. How have you been?

    I’d rather have red wine or French toast!

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  5. The Hook says:

    Fantastic job – once again!

  6. You are so right- a child never ever goes to bed angry! I see that on my little girl, i wish i was like that. No instead, I will toss and turn, and not have a good night… which will just add to the cycle.
    I have been battling to find my place. I think you already know that.

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