You Know You Are Greek When…

The Greek Girl in Greece

I see where they are finally coming out with the TV show called  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding here in America. It is already a huge hit in the UK. The English term Gypsy (or Gipsy) originates from the Greek word for Egyptian because it is believed that many Gypsy groups originated from Egypt. In America the word gypsy is commonly used as a reference to a lifestyle or fashion, and not to the ethnicity.

I will be anxious to see if this new series is as an accurate of portrayal of the Gypsies as
the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding was for the Greeks.  That movie was spot on. I laugh every time I watch it because it is like watching home movies. Here is a quick test to find out of you are really Greek or not.  

You know you are Greek when….   
  1. You and your siblings are named after one of your grandparents
  2. You have a komboloi in your house right now and know how to work one! ( A strand of worry beads that you flip back and forth)
  3. You have a bottle of OUZO in your house right now (It’s an alcoholic beverage)
  4. You have already tasted kourampiedes and melomakarona (Cookies – Yummo)
  5. You can name any or all of the gods on Mount Olympus
  6. Your hands and mouth move even when you sleep
  7. You can’t understand how cities in other countries function without periptera (Buildings that have columns out front)
  8. You eat feta and bread daily with your meal
  9. You have more relatives than Donny & Marie Osmond
  10. You make a protomagiatiko stefani on the 1st of May (Colorful flower Wreaths)
  11. You know how to play tavli and play it with your relatives when you gather (Greek Backgammon)
  12. The traffic light turns red, instead of pressing the brakes, you speed through
  13. You think strikes are national holidays
  14. You park on sidewalks and at store entrances
  15.  You have 13 bottles of Olive Oil in your kitchen, “just in case”
  16. You or any family member has been photographed on or near a donkey
  17. You can go and sit in a diner with a cup of coffee for hours on end
  18. You eat lunch at 3:00pm and dinner at 10:00pm
  19. You have ever eaten halva, tsatsiki, and taramosalata
    (Greek Appetizers)
  20. You have at least one relative named Kostas, Giannis, Maria or Dimitris
Have a Great Greek Day!

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6 Responses to You Know You Are Greek When…

  1. frizztext says:

    maybe to make a top ten
    of the most important Greek words?

    Ouzo, donkey, olive oil, feta, Aphrodite,
    Tsatsiki, Odysseus, Homer, Socrates, Epicurus

  2. Great list! I’m not Greek, but I loved that movie.

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  4. tiallarising says:

    I have to say the only thing that matches up with me is the relatives one. We counted my family up, and figured out that I have more cousins than those on My Big Fat Greek Wedding. haha


  5. The Hook says:

    Awesome post! You never fail to please.

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