Where In The World Is My Coffee

Where in The World Did I Get This Perfect Beverage?

I decided to take my love for coffee and do something really fun with it. I’m going to start tweeting twitpics of me and my coffee from where ever I am at. So now it won’t matter if I am in Manhattan or if I am at the Matterhorn (Disneyland or Switzerland) or if I am in Auckland, New Zealand  or in Oakland, California you can now virtually share that cup of happiness with me through the magic of Twitter.

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I was trying to explain to my manager Mr. Bricks, who is a NCD (non coffee drinker) what the special allure of coffee is with me and I think it comes down to the smell. I simply love the smell and taste of coffee. It’s my crack. If the PoPo ever started doing random caffeine testing I would fail for sure.  I am pretty sure this Greek girl is over the legal caffeine limit 24/7.

I will be the first to blame my coffee addiction on my Greek heritage. Drinking coffee in Greece is like going to a Yankees or Mets game in New York. It’s the national past time. It is not uncommon for Greek people to sit in a diner and drink coffee and chit-chat for hours. I think that is why of all of the coffee I can get, I like coffee from a Greek diner the best. Its part taste, part smell and part atmosphere. When it comes to making coffee, they know how to get the job done – it’s how the Greeks roll.  This coffee is sipped, often loudly, quite slowly. One cup of coffee often lasts a few hours, however recently, Greek coffee has become popular with the younger generation who order “doubles.” Now that’s what I am talking about!

Demitasse Cup & Saucer with Greek Coffee Photo © Jim Stanfield

Authentic Greek coffee is a stronger thick coffee that is cooked on a stove in a little pot called a briki.   In Greece it is not uncommon to see a bunch of older ladies sitting around drinking coffee in these tiny cups and when they are done with their coffee they flip it over onto the saucer. And then when it is all dried they flip it over and by the mark or stain line from the coffee that was in the cup they can read into your future. I am not sure how accurate it is because in all of the times I have had the stained crusty grinds read from the bottom of my coffee cup no one ever mentioned I would someday have a manager who is addicted to McDonald’s. I would have loved to see that one coming at me.

Spoken like a true addict, I don’t care where I get my coffee from just as long as I get my coffee. I am not a coffee snob because I like just about all coffees. I do love Dunkin Donuts and also McDonald’s coffees. So when Mr. Bricks decides to have his McRib fix and wants me to join him at McDonald’s, I will decline the spongy fake pork sandwich on a roll, but I will enjoy  a cup of McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee that is made with 100% pure Arabica beans, which gives their coffee a rich medium roast taste. Yummo.

I Love McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee

I am not fond of Starbucks hot coffee, but I do like a Cafe Americano espresso and I love their iced coffee.  I also love love love their Mocha Double Shot in a can. You can’t go wrong with that for an afternoon pick me up after a long Jillian Michael butt-kicking work out.

Always good for a 2:30 pm pick me up!

When I am at home I have my own machine that I can make all sorts of Greek magic with. No top hat, rabbit or magic wand needed

Home stash for when I don't want to venture out

Sometimes you also can’t beat a slice of NY Pizza and an Ice Coffee. If I did an official in-depth study of how much coffee I actually drink, I think I would end up realizing I drink more Ice Coffee than hot coffee.  But when I drink hot coffee it must only be with fat-free half & half creamers and a splash of sugar. No milk or skim milk for me. I don’t roll like that.

Have Coffee, Will Travel

So follow me on Twitter and enjoy a cup of coffee with me. If in your hometown or in your travels you have found a place that serves a good cup of coffee, let me know as I’d love to hear about it! I’m on a coffee quest!




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6 Responses to Where In The World Is My Coffee

  1. Jim says:

    “It is not uncommon for Greek people to sit in a diner and drink coffee and chit-chat for hours. ”

    That does it, I’m moving to Greece. Is Greek hard to learn?

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  3. tiallarising says:

    Mmm Greek coffee sounds Heavenly. I love strong coffee. At my house, we can’t make it strong enough. Literally, the coffee pot explodes or something. It’s a sad, sad thing.

    Starbucks cold coffee is amazing. Especially their Frappuccinos. Yum! 😛


  4. The Hook says:

    Nice tribute to java! Well done.

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