Why Can’t I Be A Hoarder

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There are times I wished I was a Hoarder. I know it is a mental disorder, so I am not making fun of them, nor do I wish I had a fungus in my Greek noggin that would cause me to always think the way they think.  Life is difficult as it is, so my heart goes out to anyone who must also deal with additional life challenges – like the challenges a real Hoarder must go through.  What I am saying is that I just wished I could let my coconut relax or let some things be a little bit more, just like Hoarders do, but maybe not to the extreme that they do.

I am not particularly fond of cleaning refrigerators, but then again I am not the type who doesn’t want to clean their refrigerator unless it is a Presidential Election year either. That would be too intense for me. But my Greek noggin does say it is Ok for me to take the antibacterial wipes and clean the space anytime I move something around in the refrigerator. I am sure that is too intense for many people. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the street, or in this case the refrigerator is always moldier on the other side of the street, just sayin’ .

I am talking about this now because I thought it was finally time to wash, fold and pack away all of my winter clothes. But when  today’s temperature failed to reach anything remotely warm, I am second guessing putting away any winter clothes this year at all because I will just have to get them back in a couple of months. After all, the days will be getting shorter in a couple of weeks. But if I just left boxes and bins of clothes littering the house without putting them away, wouldn’t that make me a Hoarder-in Training (HIT)?

For years I thought it was normal to make sure clothes hung in closets or tucked away in dresser drawers were folded or hung on hangers with such precision that it would look like they were just purchased from the Gap store. That is why each spring and each fall the swapping out summer clothes for winter clothes and vice versa is such muckery in the Aston house. Because all of the folds and creases have to be done exactly right, a project that should take about 20 minutes takes me several hours.

I don’t want so many clothes piled on my bed that I can’t even find the bed, like in the cases of many Hoarders. But do I really want to get super stressed out and give myself an aneurism of my Noggin if a pair of jeans didn’t get put away properly after doing laundry? I think not…there must be a happy medium and I think it is to become a HIT.

Speaking of laundry, am I the only person who can’t talk on the phone and fold clothes at the same time? How many times  do I have to tell Mr. Bricks when he calls me while I am doing laundry that I can not talk and fold at the same time.  He said it must be a blonde greek girl (BGG) thing. I said no I think it is an OCD thing!

Laundry is part of my alone time. I don’t want to be all chatty with someone (especially Mr. Bricks) while I am trying to make the perfect creases and the  perfect folds in the newly washed pillow cases, sheets and other laundry. Maybe that is why I like it when I am traveling. I can send all of my laundry out and everything comes back nicely pressed and neatly folded.

Oh good gravy, I just realized I don’t have OCD and I am not a HIT, I am just a spoiled Greek girl who wants everything her way and would prefer if others do it for her.




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10 Responses to Why Can’t I Be A Hoarder

  1. frizztext says:

    “I don’t want so many clothes piled on my bed
    that I can’t even find the bed…”
    that could be a basic rule like the basic-meter in Paris …

  2. The Hook says:

    You’re far too well-adjusted to be a hoarder! It’s true, stop laughing!

    • I don’t know about that, Hook. I am waiting for a camera crew to roll up and start capturing my Muckery at any time….not sure anyone would call it well-adjusted.



  3. tiallarising says:

    haha oh Ava that is totally not just a BGG thing. I tried talking on the phone and folding laundry the other day – yeah it lasted about 1 second. Actually, not even that long. It’s impossible for me. Shall we say it’s a BG (Blonde Girl) thing?


    • Hmmmm, I always pictured you as a brunette, not a blonde.

      It’s weird how you picture a person one way and they turn out totally different.



      • tiallarising says:

        You know, you said that the last time I mentioned I was a blonde. Well, you’ll probably always picture me that way, because my hair is dark blonde – some would call it brunette. I used to be a towhead, but as I’ve gotten older it’s darkened. A few years ago I bleached it so it was really light blonde, but it was like really unhealthly for it, ect.
        As soon as I publish my book, I’ll have my photo on the web, so you wont’ have to guess at what I look like for long. 😉


      • 🙂 You crack me up Tia.



  4. Leah says:

    I’d like to be a hoarder so I have stuff to sort and clean up. I’m nutty in that way. I love sorting through stuff and getting rid of items. I need help, huh?

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