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Are you confused yet?

So Mr. Bricks has given me a homework assignment.  I know I’m with you, I’m thinking “inside Ava Voice”: “seriously Mr. Bricks what exactly is it you are going to tell me about technology Mr. My Cell Phone is From 1997” (I’m so not kidding about this)?….  So stand there with my big fat greek mouth shut (for once) I did while Mr. Bricks proceeds to tell me that my “twitter” needs some “serious work”.

We all know how I like to make jokes about how old school Mr. Bricks is, but what you may not know is he is really hardcore old school.  He has charts and graphs and spreadsheets all documenting my “social media presence” as he likes to call it.  Which makes me laugh so hard my face hurts because Mr. Bricks is so old school that he used to carry his books to school with a leather strap that he slung over his shoulder walking five miles uphill in a snowstorm, did I fail to mention he wrote in school with a quill….  ;D So then Mr. technology proceeds to inform me that my numbers in all other areas such as myspace, facebook, reverbnation, my blog, etc. are all doing very well and going strong.  My twitter though…. not so much. He tells me that I really have to start paying a lot more attention to my twitter.  So being the good Greek Blonde Girl that I am, I jumped in full steam ahead.  However something happened and now my noggin wires are all crossed.

OK so I have been going along doing as I was instructed and have now spent a few months “paying attention” to my twitter…  So I start to see all the trending topics… yeah I get that, I start to get the hang of how to write down the random thoughts that roll out of my noggin, abbreviated and in very short form,  yeah I’m thinking I’m moving right along, then Bam.  This whole hash tag thing jumps out of left field.  Seriously now I’m confused.

So ~ the “#” is a “hashtag” and a “pound sign” and a “number sign” ?…..

What the heck?  Are we still talking in english here, why are we making up more stuff for letters and symbols we have always known as one thing?  Is it just me or do we possibly have enough things to do other than reinvent the wheel here on twitter? So I decided to put on my sherlock holmes cap and do some digging.  I wanted to get to the bottom of what in the world Old-Man Bricks was telling me.  Turns out I found something:

Hashtag: no it’s not some sort of pricetag or information tag that is slapped on the side of a can of hash or hashish for those German readers of mine.  A Hashtag is a computer internet word designed to tell a computer to do something in relation to the word(s) it is connected or “Tagged” to.  In simple terms it’s like a digital bookmark.

Poundsign: This one is a bit tricky and I am not so sure it still makes sense in my greek noggin.  When you google the word “poundsign” you get one of these:

The Pound Sign? Now I am more confused...

So now I am even more confused.  So I went to Wikipedia to learn more… Which then led me to the “Number Sign”.  Confused yet?  Me too.  Even Wiki has to correct us.

Either way, I don’t get it.  All I know is that I have to find a way to keep #oldmanBricks off my back.  So please go to my #TwitterPage and #FollowMe. (I hope this works) If not I guess I am going to wind up back in Mr. Brick’s Detention.

Blessings, Love & Music,
Ava xox

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2 Responses to #hashtag #poundsign #numbersign

  1. frizztext says:

    of course I’m following you at twitter #Ava / #AvaAston

  2. I.M. Pangs says:

    It’s always swell when Brits and Yanks try to communicate.

    The symbol # is also called the hash symbol in Britain where they call their moola pounds sterling. In the US, # evolved into the symbol for a unit of weight. A pound! The # was derived from printer versions of “lb,” which put a line through the “l” so it wouldn’t look like a “1” (a number!), The abbreviation “lb.” came from Latin – “libra pondo”. That just sounds funny.

    Now Wikipedia informs me of over 10 other names for #. I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed about this myself. I think I’m going to use “hex” from now on. It has a nice ring to it.

    Someone stop me before I go mad.

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