Rock Walls

My Rock Wall as it was Being Built

So I know I said I was going to spend a lot of my weekend going to the movies, watching fireworks and yes shopping.  Yes I did all that, but what I didn’t expect was to build a rock wall.  As cliche as it may sound being a rockstar for me to be building a “rock wall”.  No I am in no way changing my career plans, as the old saying goes don’t quit your day-job.  Well as for me and building rock walls, I’m no pro.  Now singing, that’s a whole other thing so Mr. Bricks, you can cool your jets cuz this Greek Rock-Diva is not going anywhere, except for the Grammy’s when you get me my record deal, just sayin’.

So back to the rock wall, yes I somehow got sidetracked and decided to go all out and work on sprucing up the yard a bit.  No I don’t have a money tree in my backyard (yet anyways), though I did look for it this weekend because if I did, I wouldn’t have been hoisting boulders up over my shoulder that were bigger than my head and carrying them clear cross ROCKLAND COUNTY, and yes that is the county I live in. Instead I would have been paying someone to move them.  Of all the places to decide to live I chose Rockland county.  Now being a rising rockstar I guess it suits me just fine but as for the landscaping thing, not such a great idea.  See, they named this county “Rockland” because everywhere you go there are rocks in the land.  Get it?  Okay, I will leave the jokes up to Mr. Bricks. Anyway, because there are so many stinking rocks all over the yard it only made sense to gather them all up and create a wall along the driveway.

Now as crazy as it must seem to picture this little Greek Blonde girl with an iPhone and an Iced-Cup-O-Happiness wearing crocks and hoisting up boulders, I was doing it.  I had one of my favorite songs “Eye of the Tiger” playing in my iPod as I thought of Rocky Balboa training to fight the Russian in Rocky, my favorite movie and all I could think about was getting those 50 pound rocks to the end of my driveway – and I did it.  In style of course.  That is, I mean my shorts did match my T-Shirt and my crocks were the fashionable choice for trecking through the muck (of course I would never wear one of my beloved pairs of sneakers) and oh did I mention “POISON IVY”? Yep, I braved it.  I set out to build a rockwall and sure enough I did and I did it while getting my yearly dose of poison ivy/oak or sumac muck that’s grows out of control in my yard.  I even sprayed gallons of chemicals to kill it, to no avail.  Great, now I can be itchy while I go in the recording studio tomorrow. Fantastic.

Okay, I know you are wondering, what does all this have to do with anything?  Great question.  Well when I was trying not to crush my little Greek body (which is like a marble statue of course from all the working out I do) with these massive rocks I was thinking of some of my greatest rocks: Rocky, the Rock, Rock Music and of course Rockstars.  It made me think of all the tough challenges are a part of the road for anyone like me who wants to chase a dream.

See most of the time we are told to tear down the walls in our lives.  But sometimes we need also to build walls.  Walls that are fortified and strong with rocks.  Rocks that would crush you.  Rocks that you put there and place in the perfect spot.  Those walls we build in our lives sometimes are walls of sacrifice, struggle and triumph. Building this wall helped remind me of those important challenges I am faced with every single day.  It reminds me of how not to give up.  My rock wall is not done and just as my dreams have not been finished yet, I will continue building this wall and the rock wall of my life.  At the end I can sit back and admire my rock wall and realize what an accomplishment it has been.  That and of course it reminded me of how hard it is sometimes to keep going till you get to the end of the driveway with a 50 pound boulder over your shoulder – you know where your neighbor won’t drive over your mailbox because you built a rockwall to protect it.  Oh that was the other reason for the rock wall.  But seriously though.  Life can be hard and following your dreams is even harder.  All of us from Rocky to the Greek Rock Chick have our own rockwalls we need to build.  So get your crocks on and pick up your rocks and start building.

Love and blessings,
Ava xo

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2 Responses to Rock Walls

  1. frizztext says:

    we built a rock wall this week end too, because in the neighborhood they are digging for a new street – and lots of rocks were there for free; carried some tons …
    views behind rock walls nevertheless often possible: we saw yesterday a movie directed by Woody Allen, 2008, title “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. Actress beside Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall: Eva the Italian or Ava the Greek or Scarlett Johansson? I couldn’t identify precise.

  2. Great analogy! I thought your rock wall looked great. How does it look now?

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