Celebrity Matchmakers

Ava the Diva and Eric Cartman - Love at first site

It’s simple really.  We all want, need and crave to love and be loved.  Everyone of us, no matter how big, small, short or tall ~ it’s a fact of life.  Yes, even if that person you love is animated…  No I don’t mean like Charlie Sheen either where everything they do is overboard and extreme.  What I mean is more like Eric Cartman from Southpark.  He is my one true love.  Anyone who really knows me knows this about me, that I have a crush on the little round fat-head.  What can I say, just the thought of him makes me smile.

The one thing I actually do collect is Southpark stuff, in particular Cartman stuff…  My mom has a birthday cake custom made for me every year in the shape of Cartman. I have a Cartman tattoo on my ankle, about five Cartman dolls, a watch, autographed photos from the creators Matt Parker & Trey Stone, a painting that was made for me of all of the southpark characters… hmm let me see what else?  I have pajamas, t shirts, cards, DVD’s, oh gosh… a lot of Cartman stuff lets just put it that way.

Yes I know, he has a potty mouth (disclaimer: it’s a grown up cartoon ~ I never said it was a show for kids people).  Sure he eats bad.  Okay he is perpetually stuck in elementary school and I know he does still live with his mom.  Not unlike lots of guys out there…  at least this one makes me laugh.  ;D

So, knowing I can’t literally be with the little animated bugger, so I guess the next best thing would be to set him up with none other than “Ava the Diva”.  So here are a few questions asked before they actually meet and go on their first date:

1. What draws you to Eric Cartman?

Well, obviously the artist ;o)  But otherwise I really like his cute voice and round face.

2. Why should Cartman choose you to be his girlfriend?

Because I am cute, he loves to sing and I have him tattooed on my ankle.  We are perfect for each other.

3. You love to workout and he loves to eat cheesy poofs.  Is this a conflict for you?

Like they say opposites attract.  He can be my yin and I can be his yang.

4. Where would you want Eric to take you out to eat on your first date together?

The lunchroom duh!  I would love to meet all his friends especially Chef!

5. What adventure would you want to go on with Cartman as his girlfriend?

I would want him to be my partner on “The Amazing Race” so we can travel the world together.  We can explore caverns, leap from tall buildings, race through traffic and win a lot of moola.

In the end, I know no matter what Eric Cartman and Ava the Diva would be a true Celebrity Match made in Heaven.  By the way, if you haven’t seen Ava the Diva yet go check her out on my Youtube channel.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo


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