Captain America


Captain America... or Captain whatever doesn't offend anyone that is ;D

Well if you’re like me and you love movies, you know that Captain America opened yesterday.  Yes shocking I know, the Greek Blonde Girl is a sucker for a superhero flick. I mean what’s not to love?  Action, suspense, some good old fashioned butt kicking, the little guy finishing first and getting the girl.  Hey sounds like a fun to flick to me.

The only thing that irks me just a smidge is that some foreign countries have opted to take “America” out of the title?…. Uh hello…. That is just ridiculous. Seriously. Here’s an idea: If you are that offended by the word “America” then just don’t watch the movie. In my noggin, that is like deciding you don’t want to call Sushi Sushi because you have some problem with Japan, it’s nonsense.  The comic book story for Captain America put out by Marvel Comics has been around a long time, (according to wikipedia since 1941) and I’m pretty sure the people who have read and enjoyed it don’t really give a flying flip if the word America is in the title.  So what gives?  Apparently Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea opted to take “America” out of the title in order to sell more tickets… hmmm….
I think it’s more a matter of some foreign government authorities having a teeny little chance to put their thumb in America’s eye. It’s seems more like a dig to me really. Honestly, and I think it’s just silly.

A classic is a classic, and in my little world and noggin you just don’t mess with things when they are good.  Like the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.  Last I noticed the whole series was doing pretty well, therefore didn’t need any fixing.  The main character is a nice guy who is interested in doing good, and yes I know it is not a flag waving film, but by taking “America” out of the title just as so not to “offend” some people, I think it just mucks it up.  It takes away part of the essence of the film.  I mean in the story he is transformed into the superhero because of the American Military… It’s silly to scrub that just to appease some people.

The bottom line is: You can’t please everyone all of the time, that would be like if I changed a song every time someone did not get it or connect with it. Silly….  Why would I even try to do that? All you can do is do your best and forget the rest.  Put your work out there and let people take it for what it is, period.  Either they are going to get it , like it, or not get it, hate it, who cares really?  I mean of course we as artists all want everyone to love our work and love us, but the reality is ~ that is not the case. Not everyone is going to like us or like what we do and in the end it just doesn’t matter.  All you can do is make the art that makes your heart happy.  As long as you are true to your souls expression, that is all that matters.  As for me, I’m not ever going to sensor my songs for a foreign release.  It’s just not who I am.

Have a beautiful blessed day!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 


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