Addicted to Addiction

Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

So I was eating lunch today and a friend who was with me ever so overly chipper says (in almost a celebratory tone), “So did you hear Amy Winehouse joined the 27 club?” I’m like “joined what, 27 what? How could she join a club, I thought she died?”… My friend looks at me as if I were dumb as a bag of rocks, then she replies “Yes she is and she also joined the 27 club, I’m surprised you of all people don’t know what that is”.  Then miss book of information proceeded to tell me what the 27 club was.  As dumbfounded as I was, I just had to come home and look it up for myself to see it in black and white.  Because honestly it just didn’t make sense to me that anyone in their right mind would make up such a thing.  Warning Warning, this is when my filter was removed.

According to wikipedia “the 27 Club” consists of notable rock musicians who have all passed away in their 27th year.  In particular Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison & Kurt Cobain.  All of whom have some sort of controversy surrounding their deaths, all except Joplin that is… The “27 club” or the “Forever 27 club” also consists of other musicians who also died at age 27… (I for one want to live to be at least 107) and Amy Winehouse is the latest artist in this tragic string of coincidences…  Coincidence?  I think not.  Now don’t go getting your pantaloons all in a bind.  But really, honestly what human being on the face of the planet living in a civilized nation mind you – does not at one time or another in his or her lifetime get the memo that as Mr. Mackey from my favorite show Southpark would say “Drugs are bad… mmkay”.

Those of you who have been reading my blog a while know by now that I think our body is a miracle.  A miracle you should not abuse, period.  Of course I can understand that people have problems, no one unless you are Beaver Cleaver has had or ever will have a perfect childhood or life.  However turning to drugs is simply not the answer.  How could anyone with even a smidge of a brain cell in his or her noggin take drugs?  You know they are addictive, you know it is for sure going to cause a whole lot of muckery for you and for everyone around you, so WHY? Why – I ask?

Honestly can you imagine what music we missed because artists like the above mentioned tragically left this world so young? Personally I think it is very sad.  Sad that so many misguided people think it is OK to abuse and promote the fact that they take drugs.  I mean Lady Gaga stated in an interview that she smokes pot in order to help her be creative when writing songs?… Really? …. Really, come on, if you have to smoke a doobie to write a good song, then guess what, maybe you are not such a good songwriter afterall, and maybe you should possibly pay a good songwriter to do that for you.  So you don’t:

A. give the impression to about a zillion of your fans that you think doing drugs is ok..

B. to be able to stay alive and continue living your dream of being an artist.

As for me….  I am happy to say that all I’m addicted to is coffee, and endorphins (God’s medicine).  Yes that may sound all goodie two shoes and all but that’s just how I roll. No matter what happens to you ever, there is no reason to turn to drugs, period.  Life is just not that bad no matter who you are or where you come from or what has happened to you.  Life is a gift, you should be treasuring & cherishing it.  Drugs are not the answer.  If you are naive enough to think it won’t happen to you, think again.  Maybe go to wikipedia and take along hard look at the list of gifted musicians who left this world far too soon. No one is immune to the danger they posses.  Moments like todays lunch just reinforce for me the importance of what kind of an impact I make on people not only with my music, but in how I live my life.

All I have to say is that is is a sincere shame that Amy Winehouse & the rest of the 27 club left this world so soon and that they were not able to make the music that we all wish we would have heard.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀

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3 Responses to Addicted to Addiction

  1. tiallarising says:

    Good post, Ava. I used to say the exact same things, like “drugs are horrible, they wreck your life – why on earth would anyone want to do them?!”….and I still do believe that firmly. But I have to tell you, I understand why people would want to take them.
    You know I had surgery on my shoulder a few months ago, and when I came home, my body had so many drugs that I DIDN’T CARE. about anything. I couldn’t care; couldn’t be upset, really. And it was soooo nice. I could just be happy golucky and not care one bit or have any worries. I actually kind of miss that sensation, so that’s how I can understand why people want to turn to drugs. They don’t want to feel the pain, rather physical or emotional anymore.
    However, it’s just a BAND-AID. it doesn’t fix anything, and it can only last so long – like you said. I really appreciated your post, but you asked “why” so I wanted to let you know my story and understanding.
    Thankfully, I’ve been off of the drugs for several months now! Those pain killers really knock you out! haha 😉


    • I understand what you are saying tia, however taking medication for pain as prescribed by a dr. for a short period of time is entirely different than abusing or starting to take in the first place. glad u are off them! blessings! xo

  2. frizztext says:

    I’m sad about:
    AMY WINEHOUSE 1983-2011
    – she died aged 27 like
    JIM MORRISON (The Doors)
    KURT COBAIN (Nirvana)

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