Krazy Glue

It's amazing the things that can be accomplished if you just "don't quit".

So, I’m sitting here flipping the remote when all of a sudden I see one of the most insane commercials ever.  No I am not talking about Nair hair removal for men, that silly sham-wow guy and no it wasn’t some other crazy As Seen On TV ad about the perfect meatloaf, an instant zipper or anything like that.  No, it was some guy “bungee jumping” from a bridge.  Now if bungee jumping alone wasn’t insane enough he did it with a connection that was made with – yep – you guessed it “Krazy Glue”! (see below, just so you know I wasn’t hallucamajating or anything)

Ahh, hello?  Am I the only one who sees this is not a good idea?  I know they put a “disclaimer” telling people not to try this at home but come on, really?  It makes me wonder, “are there any people who would really attempt this?” Then I thought about Mr. Bricks and realized  – yep, probably.  No, he didn’t bungee jump with a Krazy Glue harness, but I wouldn’t put it past him to try and make me do something like that.

What was interesting is that I did a little digging to see if this was for real.  I couldn’t believe it but it was true.  Turns out, whenever you see a commercial that “claims” the product can actually do as seen, it has to actually do it.  It’s called truth in advertising.

So I started thinking about just how strong and long lasting Krazy Glue really is.  It quite literally lasts so long and is virtually impossible to separate two objects stuck together by it.  (Side note: this reminds me of a kid I went to school with who was dared to shave his eyebrows and put Krazy Glue on his “you know what” and did it.  Turns out neither were good ideas.)

My point is, Krazy Glue has a lot of uses and it’s reliable and never quits sticking.  It’s like one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite people in history, “Never, Never, Never quit!” – Sir Winston Churchill.  When it comes to Krazy Glue and jumping off a bridge I guess it’s not an option.  I sure hope not at least.

It’s like in life, when we have a dream, a passion, a goal or something that really matters to us we have to be like that little bottle of super glue.  It’s almost like a modern-day proverb that Jesus spoke about having the faith of a mustard seed.  It’s the smallest seed in the herb garden but produces the largest shrub.  So in other words, like Krazy Glue it’s almost like putting your faith into action.  It’s such a small seed and a tiny drop of glue but with just a little bit of both, one can do great things.

Throughout history we have had so many amazing people who did not ever give up.  No matter how hard it may have seemed, they pushed and pushed and kept sticking like glue to what they held true in their heart.  It’s in those moments when you really find out just what you are made of.  You can either be like chewing gum that may taste sweet and have pretty colors and yeah it’s sticky but unlike Krazy Glue which is colorless and smells funky and pretty sure it tastes awful, it sure won’t keep you from smashing to your death on a canyon floor while using a bungee harness held together by it.

Take Tiger Woods for instance.  Love him or hate him, he dedicated a lifetime to a dream and a goal.  Doing so he positioned himself as one of the greatest golfers to have ever lived. (disclaimer I am not talking about his personal activities eh hem… so the people out there with Tiger Woods derangement syndrome, chill) Here are just a few people who in my mind held like Krazy Glue when faced with opposition and never, never, never quit or gave up:

Michael Jordan – was told he can’t play basketball

Barbara Streisand – was told she couldn’t sing

Colonel Sanders – rejected over 100 times before someone bought his chicken

Winston Churchill – lost every election for political office til Prime Minister @ 62 yrs old

Tom Cruise – over 100 rejected auditions before booking his first job

Henry Ford – went broke 5 times before successfully founding Ford Motor Co.

Oprah Winfrey – fired & told she was “unfit for TV”.

Sidney Portier – Told to “stop wasting peoples time and go be a dishwasher or something” 

Elvis Presley – Fired by Grand Ole Opry manager and told “you ain’t going nowhere son you ought to go back to drivin a truck…”

Ava Aston – still going strong  :o)

Well, you get my point.  No matter who you are, or what your dream is, it’s never to late for your dreams come true… but if you quit they never will.  In the greek girl’s book, quitting is just never an option.  Whatever you do, don’t try jumping off a bridge with a Krazy Glue harness.  Just sayin’

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xox 

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3 Responses to Krazy Glue

  1. Tilly Bud says:

    Keep on believing and you will make it happen.

  2. The Hook says:

    Nice analysis of the “Rubber Room Brigade”!

  3. Jelzmar says:

    Very inspirational.

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