Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene Heading Straight Towards NY.... Yikes!

Unless you have been living under a rock, abducted by an alien or in a mexican prison,
by now I’m sure you have heard about the monster hurricane moving up the east coast. Looking as if it’s about to pass smack dab over you guessed it, the Greek Girls abode. Having lived through Hurricane Frances while visiting family in FL, I for one do not want to be sitting there waiting for the muckery to begin.  Trust me it is not fun.  So like so many others on the east coast over the past few days, yesterday was the day to batten down the hatches and get out of dodge.

You never realize how many yard toys, flower boxes, and just the sheer amount of stuff you have around until you go on a mission to put it all away.  The last thing I want on my conscience is my little butterfly sticking out of the ground to turn into a missal and fly through a neighbors window.  The main reason I decided to leave the area was that there are probably over fifty giant trees surrounding my house.  They are massive, and the possibility of one of them falling while I’m in the house, not sounding like fun to me. Much better to travel west to my hometown in upstate western NY, where it’s just going to be more rain than anything else and hunker down with family until it is over.

A funny thing happened during the whole Hurricane Frances ordeal back in 2004.  As many of you who read my blog know, I love my Eric Cartman from Southpark.  Also that every year for my birthday, my mom has a special birthday cake made for me in the shape of him.  Well, since I was in FL and not around to enjoy him , she decided it would be a good idea to “fedex” him to me.  Yes I did just say that my mom “fedexed” me a cake.  Welcome to the world of my muckery. ;D Anyway to make a long story short, picture this… The entire family in FL is all packed up into two cars in the driveway.  Dogs, cats, people, stuff… and there I am standing in front of the house waiting for the Fedex guy to show up, so we could get Cartman and leave…   He did show up a few minutes late which is understandable since the entire area was evacuating and we left to the other side of the state to Naples to wait out the storm.  When we came back, there was no power, so I put the remains of Cartman in the fridge in it’s box to try to keep him safe from the FL ants.  The next morning, I went to get a slice of him and he was overtaken by the ants. ;( rhrrrhhh

At least this Hurricane is not going to hijack my birthday this year (which is next Sunday eh hem), lets hope anyway.  I for one am praying very hard I might add for this Hurricane to loose strength as it comes over land and north and that there will not be severe damage as we’ve seen in past hurricanes.

I do hope that everyone heeds all local warnings and instructions and takes it very seriously.  Mother nature is not something to mess around with.  Stay safe warm and dry, and please don’t forget your pets!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox 

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2 Responses to Hurricane Irene

  1. Todd Pack says:

    We were in Florida for Frances … and Charley and Jeanne. 3 hurricanes in 6 weeks. It was rough. Being without power (or air-conditioning) in Florida in August is not fun.

  2. cassiebehle says:

    I hope you finally got your electricity/Internet access back – I fear for any blogger who has to (God forbid) JOURNAL for a few days. By hand. In a NOTEBOOK, much less. Good Lord, can you imagine? Blech.

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