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Sara Jessica Parker channeling her "Inner Red Riding Hiding".

This just in….  Breaking news – Extra Extra – Today’s trending topics among other very important information….  Apparently Victoria Beckham was photographed wearing “ballet flats” and not her trademark stiletto high heels, (huuuh gasp the horror).  Jennifer Aniston was seen wearing the same bikini not for one season, but for two years in a row now – huh… gasp ~ How can that be?  

In other breaking news Kim Kardashian’s shelved music video (if we can call it that) was leaked onto the internet.  Daryl Hannah arrested at Pipeline Protest outside the White House, shocking… couldn’t she just have been more sweet like Suzanne Somers and gone on to write books & hawk stuff everywhere on QVC? just sayin.  OK if you have even a smidge of a brain cell in your head you have to be thinking the same thing this Greek Girl is thinking, “Seriously…  THIS is News?!?”

Hold the Presses - She wore it more than once.

Have we as a society become this shallow?  Honestly, do any of us care what bikini Jennifer Aniston wears? (well anyone besides Mr. Bricks that is) Sure, we all enjoy the moments while standing in the grocery store line where we learn what it’s like growing up Jolie-Pitt, but really we have some seriously pressing issues going on and most people are blind to it.

Here is what should be trending:

  1. Over 40 people died from Hurricane Irene & Vermont is devastated
  2. FEMA is out of money (geeze I can’t imagine why)
  3. 9/11 has no clergy allowed?  Hello?  Anyone else think this is just stupid?
  4. Jason Statham has a movie coming out with DeNiro soon (not one but 2 of my favorite actors, hello!!)
  5. There may be a cure for cancer on the horizon, (for real look it up)
  6. Why does the Abercrombie & Fitch Jr. store have thong undies for little girls (that is so wrong on so many levels)
  7. Ava Aston is in the studio working on some new tunes (selfish plug)
  8. China, Egypt, North Korea, Lybia… uh Hello! Plenty of concerns there.
  9. Why is the Jersey Shore still on TV (let alone why it was ever on TV?)
  10. Rebecca Black – – oh wait never mind.

At least Brad Pitt & Kate Winslet are trending for having rescued people, not for what they were wearing, eating, dating and so on.  All I’m saying, is people wonder why we (Americans) are scoffed at and made fun of by other nations.  The majority of the items that are “trending” or on the front page of Yahoo are so silly and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  I know I am one for being positive, speaking positive, thinking positive, and seeing the good in people and in things.  However burring your head in the sand and choosing to focus on and to promote these pretty things as “news worthy” to me, well it just makes my noggin hurt.  I mean really, what was Sarah Jessica Parker thinking wearing that dress anyways? ;D

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox

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2 Responses to Trending Now

  1. ldsrr91 says:

    I just read your list of ten and I am glad. It took my mind off this ugly rash under my right armpit. No seriously, good post, it is so shallow all of it, I mean who cares if Brittany has her underwear on today (or yesterday for that matter).

    This week, it has been “Princess Diana at Fifty and of course, Elvis celebrates another birthday this month.”

    Give me a break, these folks are no longer with us, they have gone on. Someone needs to put out a memo.


  2. Daniel Tim says:

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