My New Guilty Pleasure

Meet Simon Cowell of the Dating World.

Okay let it be known, Bravo TV has finally done something I give not just one, but two thumbs up to!!  That’s right you guessed it, Millionaire Matchmaker… Plop me in front of the TV with a Vitamin Water Zero, a Ghirardelli Chocolate caramel square, and a bag of Orville Redden-backer (light of course) and this Greek Girl is good to go!  Even better a Millionaire Matchmaker marathon 😀

Now, I know I have some explaining to do as I’m always talking about things that are insignificant being pushed as news, and lets not forget all of the “brain-numbing” empty TV – hello Kardashians and Jersey Shore.  But at least with this show we have found our female version of Simon Cowell.  Just like Simon this girl does not have a filter and sometimes that is just what people need. Besides, she’s actually trying to “do” something good for people.  Though her methods may seem a bit unorthodox to some, she is doing a good thing by helping people to find love, and everyone needs to be loved.

So let me introduce you to Patti Stanger.  She is funny, smart and doesn’t hold anything back.  She says it like it is and calls it as she sees it.  This woman really knows what she is doing.  It is really funny to watch people who seem to “have it all” yet are unable to find love come to her for advice, and then most of the time not listen to her.  You have to wonder about these people…  They come to her willing to pay to meet someone and hopefully fall in love, yet they in most cases do not have any intention of listening to her. Now on the flip-side, people who “do” listen to her actually have great results that do in many cases turn into lasting relationships, and true love.

Now if you haven’t seen the show, here is how it goes. First she starts by interviewing the client by asking them about their past relationships/dating, etc. What are their likes, dislikes, celebrity crushes, etc. Then she either sets up a mixer full of people she thinks are perfect and also sometimes a test person, the kind of person the client usually dates and it never works out with… and it is hilarious to watch these clients go for the “test person” Patti has planted.  It cracks me up to see the little caption at the end of each episode where it says they never went out again, or never called back, etc. Let’s put it this way, it’s kind of like survivor meets The Bachelor in one episode.

Here are some of Patti’s tips to guys for those not in the “know”:

1. Coffee – is cheap. (guess i’m a cheap date then) ;D

2. A drink – is an audition.

3. Lunch – is a date.

4. Dinner – now that is romance.

If you think you are going to sweep that girl off her feet, you better tune in, even if it’s in the dark and you draw the blinds so your neighbor doesn’t know you are watching Bravo, it’s worth it.  You might just learn a thing or two.

Heres to you finding your perfect match.  Just remember, “Whatever you do on your first date sets the precedent for the rest of the relationship” – Patti.

Love, Blessings & Music,
Ava xo

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1 Response to My New Guilty Pleasure

  1. The Hook says:

    I’ve seen this show a few times. The wife and I got hooked for a while, but the hostess can get annoying.

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