Can anyone say perfect movie?....

So, there is a new movie that just came out and if you know anything at all about the Greek Blonde Girl, then you know I was first in line dying to see this movie!  Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I number one – love movies.  When you add in that it is a movie about boxing/fighting and overcoming obstacles… Well then you would know that this = a “Trifecta” in the greek girls noggin.

I just loved this movie so much, that I have decided to put on my movie reviewer cap and go to work telling everyone why they simply Must Go See This Movie!  First quoting the movie’s website description… it is a “moving inspirational action drama from acclaimed director Gavin O’Connor (Miracle)”. This description does not disappoint. It stars Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, and Joel Edgerton and the acting by all three, insane.  Talk about a transformation, Tom Hardy underwent an incredible transformation to turn into this massive MMA fighting machine.  I didn’t really remember him from any other movies I had seen, that is because his physique is almost unrecognizable.  After I “IMDB’d” him (what… isn’t that what we all do) to see what other movies he’d been in, and he’s been in more than a few, I was aghast at how much of a transformation he underwent to do this character.  He is so utterly fierce at the fighting moments, yet shows such vulnerability relating to the family situation, such a contrast.

Nick Nolte, again, nothing but thumbs way up here.  There are moments in this film that just literally tear out your heart.  He did such a wonderful job portraying a man who has made terrible choices and mistakes and wants so desperately to make some sort of a mends for the damage done to his sons.  I mean the topic of the film, an abusive alcoholic father who messed up his family so much that his sons want nothing to do with him, that may have you thinking “and why do I want to go see this movie?”…  The reason is because, the fact is people are imperfect.  Everyone in every walk of life has made mistakes in some form or fashion.  What I love about his character is by watching him go through this process I think it gives one more of an understanding towards others. Possibly a little leeway to give people the opportunity to show that they can truly change, and also what can happen if we don’t.

As for Joel Edgerton who plays Brendan the older brother, all I can say is can anyone say “Focus”? Again the physical training and intensity were highly impressive.  However since this isn’t just your typical boxing film, it is Mixed Martial Arts, I think it is a lot more challenging.  It requires your entire body to be involved as well as difficult wrestling moves and holds that are just well… extreme.  There were moments where he was clinging for everything in his life that mattered, having to hold a Gimungo Russian Fighting Machine in a position until that horn went off…  The focus to so convincingly portray that action, that my friends is what I like to call “CGA” or “Crazy Good Acting”. Besides, he was playing a character that was a total underdog. The old guy, the “has been” who had no chance to make it past round one, let alone to the last round.  That makes it even more special.

The whole story is really moving, and it is a story about an underdog.  Not one, but two underdogs mind you.  Throw in that one of them is a war hero… HELLO?!?…  Can anyone say perfect flick?  Again something that just makes it even better in my noggin. For me there is nothing more inspiring than to see someone go after their dream or goal, work hard at it, then against all odds, overcome the challenge and achieve their dream. No nothing in life is free, no one is perfect, but sometimes if you stick with it long enough and do not let that little fire on the inside go out, you will prevail and end up on top.

Warrior = Thumbs Up!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox

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3 Responses to Warrior

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Great review. The cliches are there but Edgerton, Hardy, and Nolte rise this above being just than just Rocky with MMA. It’s a well-made and emotionally gripping story that brings out some real gut-wrenching moments as well as the great knock-outs. Check out mine when you can!

  2. cassiebehle says:

    Hot guys with minimal clothing? Count me in. You know it’s gotta be better than that one “action” movie I just saw the previews for that has Jacob from Twilight. Abduction? *Shudder* The Mayans might be right – the world very well may be ending in 2012 after the release of THAT. 😉 I bet Mr. Bricks will be first in line.

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