I See Stupid People

I should hang this outside wherever I go...

Do you ever wonder, “what the heck were they thinking?” or, “I can’t believe I just saw what I think I just saw?, did I really just see that…”  Well when you live in and around NYC like this Greek Girl does, sometimes you just lose your filter.  Yep it just flies right out the window.  I find it is nearly impossible sometimes to stop myself from blurting out these kind of questions.  Or having the “inside voice” go rogue on me and say aloud things it probably shouldn’t.

Now, I know what you must be thinking to yourself, “I see stupid people everyday.  What is the Greek Blonde girl talking about? It can’t be that bad? Can it?”

Yes, oh yes indeed.  It is that bad.

Okay let me explain.  What got me going on this was the other day, I am sitting in the quiet comfort of my VW Jillian Jetta, (the white one if you are keeping track as there are two of them.  The blue one is Johnny Jetta, he is a boy, that day I was in Jillian, she is a girl Jetta and she is a TDI).  By the way anyone else think it is funny that the Greek Girls two car colors together make up the colors of the Greek flag?… ;D  So anyway, there I was readying myself before I had to go into an event at Central Park Zoo.  Well, all seems to be going just fine when I look up and there is a woman, I kid you not, walking down the street talking on the phone.  Now okay, I know this is normal unto itself but she had to go and have some old fashioned rotary shiny gold phone jacked into her iPhone.  It was one of the dumbest and stupidest things I have ever seen.

Quite possibly the most stupid accessory I have ever seen.

I couldn’t believe this crap even existed.  So I googled it. Yep you guessed it, they exist and you too can buy one for the low-low price of just $45.  Yep, you can look just like that fool I saw walking down the street on your very own shiny gold rotary handset.  The greatest part is that she thought she looked like the coolest and most ‘trendy’ person on 5th Avenue.  Now this is besides the fact that I loathe shiny gold, and think it is one of the tackiest things in the world.  Of course the only place I find gold to be acceptable is on the inside of a treasure chest, or gold bullion in my safety deposit box.  There was just simply no excuse for this tacky gold piece of plastic muckery.  The best part was the look she gave me when she walked by & noticed I had burst out laughing inside my car sitting there…

So one of my other all-time favorite stupid people stories is when I went in to a McDonalds no, it wasn’t for Mr. Bricks this trip, jut for me. (before they had the McCafe coffee bar mind you) and asked the genius behind the counter if they had iced-coffee, (yeah imagine that, me asking for an iced-coffee).  So anyway, there I was expecting to get a nice iced cup of magic in my hot little hands, and I got nothing…. they looked at me like I asked them to explain the theory of relativity (all well knowing they’d probably explain how their mom and dad were related or one or both parents were in jail.) So anyway, they told me, “nope we don’t got iced-coffee.” So I asked them, “Do you have coffee?” “Yep”, they replied.  “Do you have ice?” “Yep”, they replied again.  “Then you have iced-coffee don’t you?” “Ah but we can’t sell it like that” they tell me.

All I am saying people is if you are gonna do stupid, act stupid or just plain be stupid you should probably wear a sign that reads, “Warning Warning – I may just surprise you with my idiocy”.  You just gotta love stupidity.  Sometimes you just have to smile, breathe, laugh, and realize, yes they do walk among us.

Blessings, Love & Music,
Ava xox

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