Biggest Loser, Life Without Jillian

Do you see what I see?.... Something is definitely wrong with this picture, NBC someone's got some splainin to do.

Speaking the title of this blog actually hurts me in my heart, yes I am serious.  Anyone who knows anything about the Greek blonde girl knows that The Biggest Loser is my favorite show and this one other thing, that I love my Jillian Michaels.  In fact I admire her so much that I even named one of my cars after her… Jillian Jetta. ;D (yes I name my cars, doesn’t everyone?)

Back to the Biggest Looser.  So it stands to reason that I would not be a happy camper to settle in and watch the first episode without one of it’s best assets.  Why do I like Jillian so much you may be thinking? Well the answer is simple really, she is real. If you know or have known or encountered any Greek people at all in your life, you know one thing: we are very direct.  We say what is on our minds, if you want to hear it or not, and that is the beautiful thing about Jillian. She tells people what they “need” to hear, not what they want to hear. The things that are in most cases glaring them right in the face, but they have spent years burying or avoiding.  These things usually end up being hidden in poor and unhealthy eating and or exercise habits and then people end up on the Biggest Looser for help.  That is what is so amazing about Jillian, she has a way of cutting through all the crap and getting to the issue and dealing with it. Life is hard and every choice we make effects the quality of our life. Loosing weight is really simple in principle and it is not building a rocket.  Calories in vs. calories out and exercise. It is the “doing” part and the “sticking to it” part that most people struggle with.  Jillian has a way of staring down the truth and presenting the choice to people and challenging them to do it.  It is honest, blunt and yet caring at the same time.

Some of my favorite Jillian quotes:

“I know you’re tired, wah wah wah – You want to be skinny, shut up and do your mountain climbers.”       

“Remember I can always see you, kind of like a horror movie and if you don’t do it I’m going to come through that TV.”

“If it is not burning, then something is definitely not right, it should be so hard you should be cursing at me in your living room right now.” 

“You have no idea what you can accomplish until you try, you might just surprise yourself at how strong you are.” 

Can the Biggest Looser survive without Jillian?… Of course it can because at the heart of the show it is about the contestants. What we love to see is people figure out how they got to that point, then make the transformation to change and then see them do it. The trainers are a really big part of the show and no not all trainers are going to be as enjoyable to watch as Jillian, no one can argue with that. However at the end of the day in the early days of Biggest Looser Jillian and Bob were not the big dogs and the people still lost weight and changed their lives.

Do I think they could have made a better choice? Well… that remains to be seen. I would never want to discount anyone just because I do not know too much about them yet. Just the same way I wouldn’t want anyone to discount my music just because they have not heard it yet? ;D

Now if they decide to get rid of or if Bob decides to leave, then that my friends is a whole other story, and I may just have to change the channel.  Happy loosing.

Have a wonderful day!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox 

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