The UN is in Session

And they couldn't have put this building in the middle of a cornfield someplace, no they had to stick it smack dab in the middle of NYC. Brilliant.

Seriously?… Again. Why? Random thoughts rolling around my noggin today but I just want to know who the rocket scientist is that decided to plop the United Nations headquarters smack dab in the middle of New York City.  Really because this was in my humble Greek Blonde opinion a very dumb idea.  WARNING: (my filter has been temporarily removed).

Really think about it. Logistically, almost every person who has to attend a United Nations meeting or session has to come to America on a what?… An airplane – you guessed it.  Airplanes land at where?… Airports, right again.  Where are the airports in the Tri-State NYC area? That’s correct again, “Outside” of the city. Since NYC is on an “island”, in order to get to the United Nations all of these attendees must travel from the airports over bridges, tunnels, and through my least favorite word of all time: traffic.

Anyone who lives in or around NYC or who has spent any time in NYC knows one thing, that traffic is not a pleasant. If you spend enough time here you will become accustomed to doing almost anything to avoid it – and at all costs. So why in the heck would anyone with even a smidge of a brain cell in their head decide to plop the UN in the middle of Manhattan? It just boggles my mind.

It is even funnier that when the UN is in session NYC is nearly impossible to navigate if you have to do anything or be near where the UN is located.  Try navigating in a car around one way streets when now a whole block is blocked off, or just closed. Back to the drawing board to start over, hmmm up five blocks, over two just to go back down six so you can get to your destination. Makes my noggin hurt.

Seems like it would have been much more logical to put the United Nations in a more remote location, yet accessible to the city.  I donno say someplace like on Long Island… closer to JFK airport.  No that probably would have been too easy.

What I find ironic is that so many New Yorker’s are inconvenienced when the UN comes to town.  Yet many times many of the world leaders are standing up there at the UN telling us how bad we are.  I donno about you, but to me that is just silly. I can name about a dozen countries off of the top of my head that if I as a regular citizen go there and stand in the street and start talking about how bad that country is that I would get tossed in jail, off with my head or even worse things I do not want to think about, you get my drift.  Yet we have become so politically correct that it is perfectly OK to have this “neutral” zone smack dab in the middle of our biggest city so we can basically pay boat loads of cash towards operating so that world leaders can come here and bash us.  To me, this is muckery.

Now add in to the mix that the president is in town…  “ooooveeeey”.   Thank goodness it will be over soon until the next time.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀

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