Call of Duty

Help me help those who have sacrificed so much.

In life we all must at some point or another decide to answer the call of duty or not.  For some that call is to be a mother or a father.  For others it’s to be a teacher or a doctor. Yet there are a special few who answer the highest call of duty and that is to put their life on the line each and every day.  Some we see every day in our city streets and others live in remote places on the otherside of the world.  They wear a uniform.  They cary a gun. Most are faces we vaguely recall or have ever seen before.  They are both men and women and are young and some are older.  Many have died.  Even more have suffered the disfiguration of their body through terrible injuries forged in battle.

These men and women are the most valued men and women we have in our lives yet so often they go unrecognized.  All too often they are not paid nearly half of what they are worth.  They suffer and die for us while we live in peace and enjoy the freedoms we so value.  Because of their immeasurable sacrifices we are blessed to answer other calls, calls that many of those who serve only dream to pursue and many will never have the chance.

Each year thousands of families across this nation are torn apart and children are left without knowing their mom or dad and for some their loved ones never return home.  It’s because of these amazing heros and the wonderfully huge hearts of the people who run the non-profit group, “Operation First Response” I have decided to join forces and answer a different call.  I am answering the call of giving back.

Click here to learn more about OFR

Since I could remember it has always been my passion to be a blessing to people through my music and art.  Though the call on my life is not to serve on the front lines of a battle field, it is to use my gift to enrich the lives of those who are in need.  Music is meant to make you feel something and hopefully to be inspired.  It tells a story and connects with the audience.  My desire is in doing so, through my music I can be a positive influence.

That is why I am donating 50% of all CD sales when you purchase this exclusive offer of an autographed “Two-CD Combo” including my limited edition “We The People” single and 10-Song CD “Gone” featuring the award winning song, “I Carry You With Me” that I dedicated to fallen soldiers for only $15.  Each purchase will be sent directly from me to you and will go towards helping wounded soldiers and their families through OFR.

Thank you all so much for your support and helping this organization touch the lives of countless families.  What Operation First Response is doing and how impactful they are is simply amazing.  So help me celebrate these individuals and the sacrifices they all have made by clicking here to buy your donation purchase today.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox 

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