Wall Street Protests

Can you see the similarities?

By now most of you who come here to read the random thoughts from the Greek Girl know that there are moments when I temporarily lose my filter.  Well, this my friends is one of those instances.  I am sure that unless you have been hiding out in a mine shaft at some point in the last few weeks you must have heard about the wall street protests going on.  OK… here we go.  WARNING: This may indeed be my most sarcastic blog yet.

Where do I begin?  The only thing I can think about when I see these people on my TV screen splashed all over the news is “Whining Cry Babies”.  They are like a little kid who tells his parents that he or she wants a cookie before dinner.  The parents say “no”, “you have to eat your dinner, and then you can have a cookie.”  These little kids do not like that answer and proceed to through a tantrum.  That is exactly what these people are doing at the protests.

Seriously…  For anyone to compare this movement to the Tea Party, they need to have their head examined.  Now Mr. Bricks, please if you are reading this do not go getting your pantaloons all in a wad, this is not political (I am still residing in Switzerland). However there is absolutely zero similarity between the Wall Street Protests and the Tea Party.  Case in point, can anyone tell me how many people have been arrested at a Tea Party gathering?  None if any and in the few instances where anything has occurred, it is usually because some extreme ultra blank wing whack job has showed up trying to create muckery and make the Tea Party look bad.   What does the location look like after a Tea Party gathering?…  Is there garbage everywhere?  Are things destroyed?  Do people get hurt or do they end up in the hospital?  The answer is No on all accounts.  The Tea Party protestors are generally peaceful Americans who simply want accountability from their Government.   They are taking a stand to tell their elected officials that they will no longer be silent.  In essence that they are awake, paying attention and will ensure that elected officials listen to the will of their constituents by voting them in or out as outlined in the constitution.  On the other hand, at these Wall Street Protests, hundreds are arrested daily, the locations are literally destroyed, and people are injured.  Example: A man (or should I say man-child) was photographed literally pooping on a burning American Flag?!?!?!… Seriously???!!!!  What The Heck?!!! – Let alone that in order to control or deal with this situation hundreds of law enforcement resources are being wasted by having to send them to deal with this mess (which costs a lot of money BTW). Or shall I say they are sent to be glorified babysitters to these over aged spoiled little brats.  Yes I said it.

Some are even calling it “America’s Spring” in comparison to the protests in the middle east.  The problem with that statement is, the protests in the middle east are because they want to be more LIKE US… Hello!!  They are protesting to have freedom, capitalism and everything else these spoiled little babies are whining about having. Anyone spent any time there in the middle east lately?  Maybe we should ship of few of the Wall Street babies over there for a few weeks so they can see just how great they really have it here.  I sure hope they do not have a bible or a cross on their person when they land there in the middle east because that my friends is against the law.  Yup, it’s jail, off with your head or even worse if you show up with those, because Islam rules there.  Ironically here in America where these cry babies think it is so bad, we allow anyone to come here and practice any religion they want, or not, and they have the freedom to do or be anything they want, and yes even practice the evil act of “capitalism”.  Hmmm, better yet, maybe we could ship them down on a plane with Michael Moore to have lunch with Hugo Chavez.  Maybe that would wake them up, just sayin.

Inside voice, “reel it back in Greek Girl”.  OK lets look at the definition of Capitalism according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary so we know exactly what our wall street protestors are crying about.

cap·i·tal·ism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

These same idiots will sit in a Starbucks cafe SBUX drinking a mocha skinny latte, typing on their Apple computer AAPL, wearing their Nike sneakers NKE, Abercrombie & Fitch outfits ANF, listening intently on their ipods to to fellow celebrity protesting compadres Russell Simmons and Kanye West…  Gee how do Russell Simmons and Kanye West make a living?  By doing what?  Selling their art…. Hmmm – could a mirror be in order? just sayin.  A good majority of these protesting babies are in the process of going to college that is being paid for by their parents ~ who in many cases are able to send their kids to college because of what I ask you? The stock market….  hmmmm. This seems to me like a case of shooting yourself in the foot.

OK the irony in the whole situation literally makes my noggin want to explode.  What a case of hypocrisy.  I have to change the channel, and pray these ill informed sheeple wake up.  Oh well, onto happier thoughts & back to the song writing factory.

Blessings, Love & Music,
Ava xox

Please help me support our wounded hero’s and their families.

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1 Response to Wall Street Protests

  1. Doug Brown says:

    For the most part, I’m with Ava. The only thing I would suggest is that the middle east/north african protests are also because they want the freedom to express what it is they are unhappy about. That’s part of the great democratic institution. Up in Canada we have the Occupy protests, whereby vast numbers of disenfranchised people occupy our city squares. There is no focus to the protest, and the organizers say that is the point: the issues are too numerous. Still, as an advertising guy, I wonder how you can go about solving a problem when you admit the problem is too big to solve.

    Great post – I like the filterless ones!

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