Blinged Out

Good Gravy!!! This thing is for real? Someone paid $$ for this junk...?

So I am sitting here thinking to myself, “what could I do with $2.5 million dollars?” Then it hit me like a McRib smacking Mr. Bricks in the Noggin! I would design a bra covered in gems! Oh but wait… Victoria Secret beat me to it.  Dangit!

Now, if you can’t catch my sarcasm in the previous sentence then you must leave the blog immediately.  Okay, but seriously, I have to wonder what in the world are people thinking with this nonstop need to be opulent and to be excessive with such insane amounts of wasted money on “blinging” things.  Just a few weeks ago I saw the stupidest thing ever, a Blinged out MicroCar.  HELLO?!? What the heck.  Seriously, does anyone even want to drive a microcar?  Let alone worth $4million in gold and gems? Sure, okay I would be first in line to be given such a trophy of nonsense but I would also be the first in line to cash that sucker in, if you know what I’m saying. (that is unless it were a bumble bee SS Camaro all blinged out) Really though in all seriousness, does anyone really need a blinged out car? No.

So this got my Greek noggin spinning and of course I went looking for some of the most obscene and stupid blinged out stupid stuff out there.  I found some wacky and crazy things people are actually spending not only lots of time but tons of money on “blinging” things.  I just couldn’t believe it so here are my top 10 most stupid blinged out things:

1o. You know this guy knows a thing or two about bling.  He’s one of the original gangstas: Before anyone gets their pantaloons in a bind, listen I have actually been to the Vatican. It is a creepy place, dead popes in glass cases everywhere. just sayin.

The real "King of Bling" is in the house!

9. At least I can see that this one has a purpose:

For $1000 you too can shut the screaming baby up in style!

8. Nothing says, “I am the baddest gansta in these parts” than this blinged thing:

I can just see someone bringing this to a gun fight. They'd be laughed out of town before squeezing off a round.

7. Drink it up! Drink up your blinged water.  Blinged what?  This must be for those of us who can’t find worse things to waste our money on.

8 glasses of this stuff a day will put you in the poor house faster than you can spell Bling.

6. I am all for good hygene and all but this is just going a bit overboard, don’t ya think?

There's just so much wrong with this, it's not even funny!

5. Tell me someone was dared to do this.  Can you imagine the suit he probably wears while driving this stupid thing?

Look at all the pretty lights! Wow, someone sure has time to kill.

4. If brass knuckles weren’t stupid enough in the first place someone went and did this:

Okay, now nothing says "I am going to mess up your grill" like these pretty things.

3. Something tells me the guy who designed this got an earful when he got home:

Nothing says "The Perfect Home Maker" like this thing does.

2. Really?  Victoria Secrets had nothing better to do than this?

blinged victoria secret bra

It's just plain ridiculous. No set of "you-know-whats" are worth $2.5 million, just sayin'

1. Now for the biggest waste of money:

Now this is what you call $4.5 million of wasted money and whoever said we had a bad economy?

Now I know what you are saying, “there must be something Ava is okay with being blinged?” Well, yes you are right. There is one thing that I think can be blinged:  You guessed it….  Sneakers. ;D (I just love that word).

The only way Ava rolls with the Bling!

Blessings, Love & Music,
Ava 😀  xox

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1 Response to Blinged Out

  1. ldsrr91 says:

    NOT ME!
    You won’t catch me throwing my money away on such trivial pursuits. No sir. I am going to stick to the basic”s. Like an electric dog polisher or maybe some fur lined house slippers. But I am not springing for any of this stuff.


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