Happy Halloween – They’re Ba-ack!

They’re Ba-ack! That’s right the McRib sandwich is back just in time for Mr. Bricks to scare Ava the Diva by almost killing himself.  That’s right, Ava the Diva and Mr. Bricks have one of the most mucked up Halloween’s ever.

It all started when Mr. Bricks was driving his trusty companion Sunny the dog to the groomer when he saw that McDonald’s was featuring the “McRib” sandwich…  and we all know what happens to Mr. Bricks when a McRib is in sight. So in an effort to avoid missing out on this short lived opportunity Mr. Bricks decided he would stop in for a bite or two or ten!  So, tune in and and see what happens when Ava finds Mr. Bricks on Halloween.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xox

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