Kick in the Pants

Look Out! Or I will Kick You In The Pants!

It seems like everything is so PC these days, you have to be careful what you say. I just hope I don’t get kicked off this blogsite for titling my blog “kick in the pants”… Just like Eddie Murphy’s producer Brett Ratner got kicked in the pants for saying an “anti-gay” slur.

Speaking of kicking, have you kicked the Greek Girl yet?

What is the Greek girl rambling about today?  I’m talking about my kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a really cool website for people looking to fund their own independent projects.  There are all kinds of projects, music, film, watches, just about anything you can imagine.  It empowers artists to kickstart their projects through selling their art in a creative way.  It’s quite unique ~ check it out!

Here’s my kickstarter link ~

So what are you waiting for?  Lace up your sneakers and give me a good kick!  And… score some exclusive cool Ava Aston swag while you’re at it!

Have a beautiful day!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox

Click here to learn about my Campaign and how you can get involved.

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Ava Aston and I am a recording artist and actress. I'm just an ordinary girl who acts, sings, writes songs and now writes this blog. I hope you enjoy my blogging enough to want to subscribe. Blessings, Ava If you want to learn even more about me, check out my website at
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