Timing is Everything, Just Ask Tim Tebow

It's all about the choices we make.

You ever wonder what would have happened if…?

Sometimes we make a choice and the choice can be simple like do I want coffee or tea?  Red or white wine?  Hit the snooze button or get up?  (I hit the snooze).  Most of us live in the real world full of choices and not in a 30-minute reality series world where the only choice they seem to have to make day after day is who to fight with and cuss up and down.  We all make choices throughout the day.  I heard we make thousands of choices every single day.  But, it’s those choices that we ultimately make that  matter.

What am I getting at? Well, the other day while I was exchanging the 1980’s outfit Mr. Bricks got me for Christmas this year, a friend who is really close to me and I were talking about the really tough time they were currently going through.  They were sharing with me all of their troubles and that they had made some really bad choices.  It broke my heart to hear what they were going through.  All I wanted to do was wrap them up in bubble wrap and protect them so they wouldn’t hurt anymore.  But I couldn’t.  That wasn’t an option and besides, the sales clerk at Kohl’s would have charged extra for all of the bubble wrap, just sayin’

So, instead of safety wrapping my friend I tried to express some of Ava’s Greek wisdom.  Ultimately, I said, it came down to one thing.  In life we only truly own one thing. Our choices.  Our choices are what define and shape us.  For example, in Mr. Bricks’ case the choice of going to McDonald’s and eating a Mcrib and an order of large fries every day is defining and shaping his larger than life frame. Oh, umm, sorry about such a graphic mental image. I hope I didn’t burn your eye balls.  That’s not exactly what I’m really talking about, but hopefully you get my point.

We get to choose our thoughts and which ones to let wallow around the deep dark crevasse of our noggin and which ones we decide to ixnay and discard.  With that said, we all can choose our words and speak whatever we feel about those thoughts.  We can choose what emotional response we will have with that thought or series of thoughts.  Then we can choose if we are going to respond to that thought and how it makes us feel.  The choice is ours.  We get to decide these things.

The key however that most people miss, a key that even the Greek Blonde Girl misses from time to time, is making sure it’s the right time.  Often we jump the gun and overreact to these thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes, if the timing is not right, the result can end up hurting us or those around us.  Or sometimes we hesitate.  This can have the same effect that can lead to regret and anxiety.

I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer because it’s not all doom and gloom. There are always plenty of those instances where the choice we make is just at the perfect time.  These are the magic moments that we find God in the details.  When we act out of patience and faith through prayer. It is through that faithful obedience when God shows up and makes things work out in our favor. Yep, chalk up one more for the Big guy. (No Bricks, not talking about you!)

God does this so He can get the praise and thanks for our being blessed.  The interesting thing is when you see this happen it can come in so many forms.  What we may see as a bad thing for getting every yellow light on the way to the movies may have been instead just God keeping us from being in a terrible car accident by delaying our timing to an intersection he knew a speeding car would be coming through.

What’s my point?  Well, with the year 2012 coming upon us and 2011 passing away for ever quickly by the minute, we are given the opportunity to sorta “start over”.  (When I was a tow-head little Greek girl in elementary school we called them do-overs.)  With each year we are blessed with a sort of “reset button” that allows us to make new promises to ourselves and those around us.  The problem is by mid-January  most of us always forget what we even said as our New Years Resolution.

So, this year, as you draw a close on your past and keep an eye on the future, keep in mind that the choices you make when rooted in faith, you will find that timing is everything.  God will show up when you least expect him too. He is always there to keep us in the palm of his hand, no matter what the “circumstances” may look like.  The person you need to meet will come into your life.  The friend you never knew you had will suddenly appear in your life or maybe the job you crave will be offered to you. And if it doesn’t – just know that there is a reason. And that reason is called God’s timing.

Remember as we head into a new year that the only thing that you truly own, are your choices. Denver Broncos quarter Back Tim Tebow kneeling down on one knee is his choice, but his timing is perfect because in a world where it seems like bashing Christianity is a new Olympic sport,  Tim has made a conscious choice to acknowledge God’s blessing in a very public way and all of the media is talking about it! Besides, his choice hasn’t seem to hurt the Broncos’ record either! Just sayin.

Blessings, Love & Music ~

Ava xox 😀

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3 Responses to Timing is Everything, Just Ask Tim Tebow

  1. Blockader says:

    The thing I like about choices is that once we make them, either good or bad, they transform into a thing called expeirences, and if we learn from our experiences, they, then transforms into wisdom, and if we understand that wisdom, then making choices becomes a whole lot easier. Often, God’s timing doesn’t match our timing, because when it’s God’s time for us to be in a certian place, He want’s us to have the wisdom needed to make the right discisions when in that position. So I say to everyone, get out there and chose, experience, and understand, then you’ll be ready when God’s time for you arrives.

  2. Choices are not the only thing you truly own Ava, personal integrity and honor are what help shape those choices – and when i say honor it’s not to be confused with pride, often times pride can easilly morph into foolish pride ( believe me, i have alot of personal experience with that ). That’s not to say that i always make the right choice, but it is to say that choices are more complex then they seem.

  3. The Hook says:

    Have you heard about Katy Perry’s parents quest to set their daughter up with Tebow? Seriously, they want to arrange a meeting for the two of them – at church!
    Truth really is stranger than fiction…

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